Saturday, April 22, 2017

Alphabet Challenge S - Signs

Todays letter is the

And the S is the

and I have several
cool albums for pics.

One of the folders in
facebook is usual or cool SIGNS!
When I do something like
adding a neat folder
I ask my friends
to join in by sending
pics they find.

With that said....
enjoy the pics.

This first batch
are the ones I took.

Wonder who Stumpy is?

Gotta love Tater Peeler Rd.

Sorry for the blur but it is really
hard taking pics.....
as  you drive.

Found this sign outside of
McDonalds a few
years ago.

Talk about Burrrrrr....

Loved this one.
This is posted outside of
Olive Garden.

Yep, my beautician said this to me
one day....

Back it off

I figure there are probably
several cars that want
to say this to me.

Up until a couple of days
ago when I hung a basket
of sunflowers on my
porch, this is
what hung up there.

I laughed and laughed one day
when I looked up and
on top of
the Hardees sign!

Wonder what that said about
the food.

Love my brothers yard.
Like me, only more so he
shows his personality in
his yard.

Funny, the day I took this I
saw NO

HAHA.....upside down or

I did not look to see how
the cars were park, upside
down or right side.

This was at a local
I just have to wonder
if they saw this big
red sign as they
were parking.

Home of the Desperate Housewife's!

This next batch was sent to me
by friends all over. I send out
the word and they jump in to play!

Funny thing is, they will never look
at an usual sign without thinking of me.
From somewhere in NC.

Not sure I remember where this
one is but it is totally

Laura here in Nashville sent this
one. She is a coffee drinker
and each morn on fb she
post a pic off the internet
of a coffee cup and coffee.

My friend in Massachusetts
really got into this.

She sent this one.
First off, check out the deer.
Next, where would anyone park
on that side of the road?

Isn't this a saying you have
heard all your life?
Down on EASY St.

Rust Island....wished she had
send a pic of what the island looked
like. Made of RUSH?

Do they craft?

Not sure if this one is from
Mass. or NC.

Pretty sure this was NC.

HAHA.....I love it.
That is a way to say it.

Reminds me somewhat of
the scarecrow on the Wizard
of Oz!


Sniff around?

HAHA...of course this
was sent to me from
Gail in Mass. when the
Pokémon search got really
big months ago.

Just the neck?

YIKES...I think I smell it

Dakota would love this.

Big Dipper...yep, looks
like that is one big
drop off!

Before my surgery I would
be yelling for a pair
of these!
Wonder how they work?

Sing it baby!
And the tune is?

There are times I would like to
put a sign up like this
on my road.

Fried G
Green Tomato's
at the Whistle Stop Café on
Whistle Stop Way.

That building might hold
a white elephant.

Which way you walking?

Gail from Mass. sent these
to me on the day she
visited Salem Mass.

Witch Way or Which Way? to have this on the
front of the house at
(my fav holiday)

Ding Dong...

U Go! NO, U GO...

Another one for Halloween.

Just saying...

No words needed!

Thanks for stopping in,