Thursday, February 2, 2017

Front Porch Decoration Finished


On Jan. 28th I posted about the
front porch decoration I
made. All it needed was to
be painted and a WELCOME
sign made and hung.

You can read about that here...;postID=2816345291602883625;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=7;src=postname

And here it is on the porch with the
candle holder I got at Goodwill for
2.99. It works great with
a birdhouse on it.

Anyway, the WELCOME post
was easy to do.
I had the scrape piece used as
the base. I got the table
leg a month or so ago for 2.99
and the finial I had on hand.

Painted it the color of my door.

The wooden plaque that I painted
on I had on hand. Picked it
up a long time ago at Goodwill for
.99 cents.

I think it came together really well.

While I was putting all that together I also
remembered I had this pre printed
plaque I got for 2.50 at Hobby Lobby
about a year ago.

Decided that I needed a No Soliciting sign
since all sorts of folks keep landing on
my porch.

Looking back on my pics I just posted
I realize I need to sweep the

Thanks for stopping in,


Darla M Sands said...

I didn't even notice the debris! Nice ensemble of decor.

It's a shame how we have so many solicitors showing up nowadays. And still my neighbors knock without calling first. They have no idea how much my partner and I prefer hermitage. It takes all my will to go to the YMCA and lift weights or swim, which always feels so good afterward.

Be well!