Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Goodwill Buys

I once again feel like crafting.
Its been 1.5 yrs.
My last round with the fibromyalgia
put me down from May 2013
to May 2014...
and I am just now getting my
desire to paint and to craft
With that said, I was also avoiding
Goodwill most of the time
cause I have a stock load
of stuff I need to work on
but Goodwill desire has been
making it's way back also.
Just the other day I stopped
on the way home and got this
A wooden tissue holder.
I have no desire to use it as a tissue
holder. I plan on making
a birdhouse out of it.
I will cut a piece of wood to
cover the bottom opening to close
it up. The heart opening will
make a great opening for the bird.
Plan on getting on that project soon.
99 cents.
Next I found this wooden lazy susan.
Needs a sand, prime and paint job
but have hopes of it looking good
when I am done.

A few years ago I got a metal
gum machine for 2.99.
I took out the inside and made
a birdfeeder.
I have hopes of doing the same here.
Difference is this is plastic so by the
time the squirrels get to it I am
thinking it will not last lone.
Not taking the insides out of this.
I have fixed the turning part to stay
open so feed should slide right down
to the opening.

Now to just get busy!
Thanks for stopping in,