Sunday, October 23, 2011

Great Nephew, Cole

This happy little guy was born 7 months ago, he
came into the world early and only weighing
in at 4 lbs and 6 could not tell it

He is a happy baby and has such a beautiful
smile. His Aunt Kim, my sister
in law was playing peek a boo with
him and had him really laughing.

Loving that big beautiful smile.

Hey Aunt Pam, what you doing back there?

I love this shot of him. He was on the couch
and he looked over at me, I caught this
shot just in time.

He has no issues wearing a hat either. My
youngest grandson Braden, will take one off
as soon as I put it on him.

You probably can't tell it from this
pic comparing it with the ones I
took but this pic of him sleeping really
had me taking a double look....I
thought it was Chase, Cole's dad when
he was a baby. He looks just like his dad.

This pic was not taken by me (I borrowed it
from Cole's mom's facebook page!

Thank you for stopping in,