Monday, September 22, 2014

Tis the Season......for Birthdays for Me...

Those birthdays for my
range from
Sept - Braden
Oct. - Caleb
Nov. - DJ.
My daughter and mother
have birthdays in Dec.
But for me the boys are
the ones that
I work the hardest..
I started when Caleb was born
in making his cakes and decorating
them specially for him.
When DJ and Braden came
along I had to do the same for
This was the 3rd (since Braden is the
youngest) request for a Spongebob Cake.
Spongebob was excited for the birthday
so he jumped out of the water!

Braden loved his cake.
Waiting for the gifts so he
could start opening them.
DJ wanted to help.
Both peeking in to see what
nana got him.
His own little piggy bank.
On to the next.

Nana also got him some
movies since he is home
during the day while
the other two are in school.

Over to the play ground.
DJ just came off the slide.

Oops....Braden on the ground.
At 4 he is still in that running stage,
no walking for him!

Caleb showing me how stronge
he is.
My fellow saying he can still do
that at 52 and
me telling him to get up
there and prove it!

Not bad for an old man!
The toys...
a dragonfly!

Isn't he handsome?

Of course he had to take my
pic too.

Thanks for stopping in,


Friday, September 19, 2014

Leonard - The Pot Belly Pig

Chris and I started dating basically
over the pigs!
I went to school with Chris' brother
and one day him and I started talking
on facebook.
One night
he chatted with me on facebook
 and was telling
me that he
was sitting out on
the deck and watching the
horses and pigs.
When questioned about that
I was invited out to photograph
them one day.
Animals and a chance
to photograph,
I went.
I have since learned that Arnold
(the biggest)

and Wilbur

were raised outside of the pen in
the yard.
Shortly before I went over, Maybelline
and Razor
broke out of the pen. They used to like
being in there but apparently the
decided it was time for a
That left Leonard as being the
only pig left in the pen.
He never tried to break out.
I was told that he did not like
to be out and that he would not
come out.
But Leonard was looking slim,
there was no more grass in the pen so
I thought he just needed to get out
and eat all day like the others do.
So I went down, opened the pen and
told him if he wanted to eat, he
had to get out.
That was a couple of months ago.
He loves being out.
He has the best personality also.
Here Benjamin is sitting on
Leonards back.
And here he is styling in my sunglasses.

Look at that ham...oops, no
pun intended!

Just so you know....he has
fattened up. He loves being out
of the pen and if he hears my voice
or I call his name, he comes running...
yes, pigs do run, it is a funny site!
Here is Leonard waiting for me to come
off the deck. I think he thinks I am
his new mom!
LOL...I have to laugh myself when
I think about it...I would have NEVER
pictured me being around PIGS...
or feeding them,
let alone touching them.
But I have to say....Leonard won my
heart. He is my fav.
Thanks for stopping in,


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Expecting Fall

Expecting fall
so ready for it!
Loving the fall like
weather we have been
having in Nashville.
Decided to make the yard look
somewhat falling looking.
Thanks to my younger brother
Mark for the wheelbarrell.
The birdhouse from the porch, the welcome
sign that hung at the door, the little gnome
from the garden and mums
from Lowes!
Had to do something inside also.
I love fall colors.
Hard to tell in the pic but I have
plastic pumpkins and
pinecones along with
leaves in behind the glass.

Matches the table runner my sis in law
made me a few months ago for the
table. Love it.
Thanks for stopping in,


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Saturday's Shoot - Miata Club Event 2014

The event I was shooting
Saturday was for the Miata Club.
I was going to do an over shot of
the cars then I would go in and
do the event.
This is the beginning.....
Not many cars had arrived but
I was early anyway.
Me...waiting to get all the cars lined up.

And this is where I was to shoot from.

Me in the bucket.
The tree guy, Eric kept asking me
would I be ok.
I was excited.

After I was buckled in with a harness
I went up to look down on all the
cars and shoot.

I got shots part of the way up
and more a bit further up!

Then I went up really high for
Before taking me all the way to the
ground Eric took this

Had a blast. My first time
for this adventure.
Thanks for stopping in,

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Christmas Ornaments to Tic Tac Toe

So glad that I feel like
crafting again.
I worked on the boys (grandsons)
Christmas ornaments a couple
of weeks ago and finished
them today.
I bought the wooden letters
at Hobby Lobby and
painted Christmas lights on them.
But then I decided they needed
more so I bought the wooden
round ornament at Walmart
and using my E6000
I attached them together.
Every year my grandson get a
special ornament made or bought
by me for them.
A tradition that I hope they
care with them all their lives.
I took a stepping stone.
Soaked it in blench overnight
but it would not remove the rust...
That's okay, looks cool
like that.
Painted on lines,
and painted rocks to
make this tic tac toe
I will need to seal it to protect
the paint but I plan on
placing it on the table on the
deck next year.

My projects for today.
Thanks for stopping in,

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Coffee in the Morning

Over a year ago a friend of mine,
Laura Short Brown
putting her status on facebook at night
when she started
to bed,
"Lets do coffee in the morning"...
The morning rolls around and she
post a pic of a coffee mug.
So I started having coffee
(via facebook)
with her through the week by
posting my own cup.
A different one daily.
And loving the Wizard OZ
like I do I have pick these
out to use.

If I was a true coffee drinker,
I can take it or leave it...
(mostly taking when I need that
shot while I drive to work) I
would have a cup with each
one of these pics and sayings
on them.
Thanks for stopping in,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chelsea and Dustin Plus and Addition

This is when you first met
Dustin and Chelsea.
10th grade prom.
For 11th grade Chelsea had really
grown into a beautiful lady.

12th grade prom.

Senior pics.

And things started to change.
Revealing the gender of the baby.

Maternity pics.

And then the blessed event of
Aubree Ann.
Aubree was born on her due date of
August 30th.

This is grandpa with his girl.

And grandma with her two girls.

doing a little backwards will be a wedding!
Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it all.
Can't wait to see Aubree grow through my
By the way, the first time I ever saw
Chelsea I would say she was around
2 or 3 maybe....
Thanks for stopping in,