Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This, That and the Other

So spring finally found us here in
the Nashville area.
Only to throw in Dogwood winter
last week.
Had to laugh when I saw this!
Covering plants?
Early ghost for Halloween?
Afraid the mailbox was cold?
Well you know me, it was to
funny to pass up, had to have
a pic.
This was another head scratching
site at next door to mom's house
one day.

Orange Tree?
The kids were tossing up the Halo's
as the groceries were being taking
from the car...
yep, tree caught them.
Halo's.....reminds me of a story.
A month or so ago I was at home and
I decided I wanted a Halo. So I
am at the kitchen sink washing my
Halo off when the phone rings.
I missed the call from my mom
so I called her back and she asked
what I was doing?
My reply.....
Washing my Halo!
Total silence on mom's end of
the line.
Then I realized how that sounded and
I busted out laughing.
Cleaning off the deck and uncovering
the grill last weekend I found
this guy.
Thinking he is a tree frog.


I had to usher him to the edge of the creek
bank around trees to get him moving.
But I got him out of the way, so afraid
I would step on him.
Last but not least...
Indian money.
Not found any of this
stuff since I was a kid and we
used to search for cool rocks
and keep them.
I love my find now I just
have to figure out
what to do with them.

Thanks for stopping in,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Read the book...
was not impressed.
My niece Holly kept telling me
the play was so much better,
and I have to say I agree.
Saturday night, my sis in laws Lori
and Kim, my nieces Holly and Jessica
and I went to WICKED.
I was so afraid it would shine a bad
light on my all time most
fav movie, The Wizard of Oz
but no, it did not.
The childhood fantasy of the
Wizard of Oz still lives!
And now I have a special place
in my heart for WICKED.
And the fun night I had out with
the ladies.
Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Weekend -Cleaning the Deck and the Master Piece

Before I move onto the cleaning of the deck
I wanted to share CLYDE!
This is my son's dog. He is 3 yrs old and
weighs in at a whopping 135!
As you can tell, he is a big boy.
He keeps hurting the pad on his back foot
so Cory has him all bandaged up.
 Now, the master piece!
Candle holder I got at Goodwill for
$1.99 a couple
of years ago. In the past I have sat
a clay pot with flowers down in the
holder....looks adorable.
But I decided to change it up some
this year.

So I took a glass globe I found at Goodwill
a few months ago for the same price
of the holder and ....

This is what I came up with.
Looks great in the garden but when things
really start blooming it will look even

Now moving on to the deck.
Two years ago
the sides were rebuilt on my deck,
 the flooring
might look rough but if is stable so
it stayed
as it was.
This weekend I got out and uncovered the
items on the deck, had them covered with
tarp and I rearranged the
deck a bit different from the past yr.
First I took these to the yard and
scrubbed them down.

Uncovered the glider.
Yes, THE KING is enjoying his
Scrubbed down the table and chairs.

And uncovered the grill that I just
had to have last year. Let's see
if I cook on it more than I did
last year which was a total
of two times!
I hate to cook!

And then there is this piece.
My youngest brother gave it to
and I am going to Lowes this
week to get the out door lamp to
go on the top.
It will make a great addition to my
Anyway, its so nice in the mornings to
sit out with my coffee and enjoy
the birds singing.
By noon in comes the sun.
But, I am in the process of getting
some estimates to put a roof
over the deck and maybe, maybe....
screen it in.
I have a creek that runs just past the
grill under those bushes you see and
in the summer
Screening this in would be amazing.
Thanks for stopping in,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring is Springing at my House

Just a week or so ago this was my
Today, this is them.
And I actually dug some up and
moved them....
I got these from the woman that
use to watch my children.
I planted them at my other
house but when
I moved 21.5 yrs ago
I dug them up and brought them
with me...
I have had them about 24 yrs.

I have a creek that runs right next to my
driveway. I have tried for yrs to
get ivy to grow there but I guess it
never got enough water cause it
never took hold.
a couple of yrs ago I emptied a pot
that had some in there that looked
like it was dying. But look
at it now.

Growing all over one area.
Lemon sage.
Smells like lemon pledge.
Never cooked with it but
that is what it is for.
I have had this plant about 24 to 25
yrs also. It has been moved
around the yard several times,
and it spreads.

Out of my iris' this is the
only one blooming.

This one is on the same plant.
Took this shot Tuesday evening.

This is the same flower, took it Wed., yesterday.

A wild violet.

This shot was taken a week ago,
my hydrangea's coming up from
the roots.
They are up a lot more now.
I had the bed around the tree for a while
but I decided to make another one on the other
side of the downspout.
Got the rocks out of the creek.
And I moved some Hosta to that spot also.  
The little Gnome down near the bottom
of the pic was gotten for a special reason.
I picked it up at Old Time Pottery a few
weeks ago. I got it cause my
son is coming in from California in
July and I wanted it to remind him of home...
He has a neighbor next to him in California that
has several Gnomes in the front yard.
Cory would come in late from work and he
would go over there and inch all the
Gnomes up a few
took several times of this before the
neighbor finally caught on and
moved them back. Last I heard my son
was inching them up to the house again!
Just a good laugh when he gets here..
Thanks for stopping in,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Wildflowers, Trees and Blooms

Yes I did take a lot of
pics at Standing Stone Park.
I love it!
Wildflowers in the woods.
Most of them my fav color....

Amazed to see a hydrangea growing on the
side of the road.
When I got home I looked up WILD hydrangea's
to see if they exist.
News to me, they do.

Theresa got me posing under the trees.

This was a baby pine coming up...

I forget what Theresa called these but
they are a type of fern.

The beautiful blue sky. Wind was blowing
just enough to keep you from getting hot
on this 80 degree day.

Look, more purple.

Now this is the type of fern I know.

But this is not one I have ever seen.
Neat looking.
This flower I know....Bluebells.
Thanks for stopping in,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some Wildflowers, Plants and Trees of Standing Stone State Park in Tennessee

I spent the weekend in Stand Stone State Park
about a 2 hour drive from the house.
Never been there before but I loved it.
It was a learning weekend, the park held classes
for teaching different things like how to grow and
harvest mushrooms, photography, wildlife,
wildflowers and so much more.
I attended the photography since my friend
Theresa was teaching that and then
later the one about mushrooms.
and I don't even eat them!
But what I learned the most on was
wildflowers, Theresa and I went
out photographing them and thank goodness
she knew a bit more than me.
This is a Trillium before it blooms.
This is one species of Trillium.
Check out the long bloom on it.

Another type of Trillium. Bloom is a lot shorter.
More dark red.

Now here we have a yellow Trillium.

No clue. But they are not
far from blooming.

Bluebells. So pretty.

Also not a clue.

Yep....again, no clue.

Pennyroyal. I used to
use the liquid form of this and soak a cloth
covered rubber band in it, attached it
to my dogs collar and it helped to keep
fleas off of her.
That was many years ago.

You guessed this one correct....
no clue.

No clue.
But it does look like a form of violet.

Redbud tree against the blue sky on an
amazing day.

Another thing I learned which I had no idea
on, was that Redbuds come in different
types. See the one in the back....really
dark and the one in the front is lighter.
I looked them up and there are actually
4 different types. They did not tell you
which one was darker, they told you
which one came in what shape. Lost me

I love a Dogwood.
Just so happened to catch this fellow enjoying
a moment of rest on the branch.

Now he thinks he is hiding from me.

More wildflowers to come later.
Thank you for stopping in,