Thursday, April 23, 2015

Digging for Breakfast!

Headed to the car this morning, Dakota
took off running into the front yard!

I look out as I lock the door to see dirt
flying everywhere!

It's MOLE digging time..............

And before I got both locks locked the hole had
grown. No not the mole ....the hole! LOL
Poor baby, can't catch a squirrel and the mole managed
to dig himself away from Dakota!
Dakota is a Rat Terrior....I mean Rat Terrier! He has not
done much in the eight years with me to earn his
keep by doing what Rat Terriers were breed for ....
hunting rats, mice, go get them
Dakota! Just cover your hole back up once you get
that critter.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hiding within Sight

Can you see her 
peeking out from
around a tree?

Look hard.

I was driving down the road when 
I had to stop to let a deer walk across the

I went by, looked over and saw this
one waiting for her time to cross.
I drove on and watched in the rearview
mirror for her to cross.

I love nature!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

House/Animal Sitting

Been awhile since I have done
any house sitting at my brothers.

Here are the fur babies I sat 
with this weekend.

Little Maggie
Maggie belongs to my
niece Jessica.

This is Chole. She is part


Big Maggie.
This Maggie belongs to my sis in law
she is a recue baby and so loving.

Meet Oakly.
He started out being my nephews 
dog but my brother and sis
in law ended up with him.

The older of the labs.

TJ...I have had my times with this
bird. Although he was a tad
nicer this time he don't
like anyone but my brother.

And Ms. Lola. She was funny this morn,
climbing up my arm and
trying to make a nest of my hair.

All in all, the animals behaved nicely.
Even my dog, Dakota that stayed
with me. He really don't like
me giving attention to other

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday April 18, 2015

My sis in laws lily.

Love purple iris.

This bee was just sitting there 
watching me.

This was in my nieces
yard. Got to see if
she will share some 
with me.

Make a wish and blow.

Not sure what these purple floers
are but I love them.

Strutting their stuff.

Where my niece Jessica

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Commissioned Paintings

Had a couple of request for
some paintings.

These two are for the
same person.

Both birthday gifts for
her children.

So what do you think?

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


My home is built strangely.
The linen closet is downstairs
but there is not one upstairs 
where the bedrooms are.
So I decided I needed something

A redesigned chest of drawers seemed
to be the answer! Posted about this
about a month ago.... But what to
put on top for design???

Came up with this....

I had the window in the shed, picked
up the wreath at Hobby a Lobby, and 
got the yellow flowers from JoAnns 
for 1.50 each stalk. I have four in this 
vase, oh yes, vase on hand.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crafting Quotes

I am a crafter!
I have been a crafter for
a very long time.
Sitting here as I type this
and trying to remember
where this "crafting" started
and to be honest,
I am not sure. is what it is!
How many folks feel this
crafting or anything
And part of my biggest issues
is the types of crafting
and hobbies I have.
I don't just paint....
I make jewelry, I knit
and crochet. I do photography,
I do cross stitch.....
I have a bit of everything to
do whatever with!!
Oh so well said.
I have enoughed pinned
I will probably never
get it all done!

LOL.....yep, been there for

If you are a crafter, you
understand this statement.

This statement speaks wonders
for my craftroom......


I have to admit there are times
that it even becomes
to me!


I hope not.

Yes, it can.

And I like it.


I am not an organized person
to begin with
so messy is going
to happen.

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