Wednesday, July 29, 2015

B - Boys

My boys.
Braden in the red,
Caleb in green and
DJ in white.

I can always be looking at them
while at work!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dakota - From Room to Room

Even to this day I leave the 
is going to follow

I often wonder why but I think he
is afraid I will sneak out
of the house without him.

He can be laying on the other
end of the couch
sleeping and the ears never
go down.
I will sneak up slowly
not making a sound...

But wide awake he is....
and down he goes to

The one that always used to
bother me was when I
went to the bathroom.

And why stand right in front of
me while I sat there?

I looked it up once and I read that
they do that cause they know
that most times you are
not doing anything with your
hands while you sit there....
and they know you will 
reach over and pet them!!

The times that he followed me
to the shower when he
was younger really 
got me....
he dislikes the bathroom near
the tub.
So to be close to me he
would grab an article
of clothes and take it 
to the hall and 
lay down on it.

The best...sorry no pic...was
when he got the toilet paper
caught on the article of
clothes and when I got out
paper was all over
the hall.

Thank goodness he out grew that...
but lets talk baths!
He is not a lab so that should
tell you something.

He has gotten so smart that 
I have to run the tub and go 
lay across the bed.
Even then he takes forever
before he comes out from 
under the bed....

Whole body is stiff when
I put him in the water.
He gets as close to the end 
of the bath and as far away from
me as he can get.

Get him out...
towel him off....
and off he runs running through
the house like a mad
man....I mean dog! 

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Recent Paintings

A facebook friend ordered
a Batman emblem and a 
cupcake painting a few
months ago.

Came back last week 
and ordered these....

A guitar.

A crown with Shelbie on it.
Pinks, light blue and purple.

The painted canvas..

and then purple glitter added.

This was painted for my new office.

A clock!

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A is for Antiques

Going to start 
A to Z 
post by showing
pics that start with
that letter.


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Dakota - Monday Morning Attitude


Yes, Dakota has one.

Monday morning being the worst!

And today being Monday was different.

He was met at the back gate by 
Cheyenne and Klohe.
As I opened the gate to let him in the
yard, they greeted him with jumping
up and down and licking him
in the face.

He greeted them back with 

Up the deck he goes and
at this point he is looking to go
in so he can jump up in
mom's bed and crawl under
the covers.

But to add to his attitude this
morning, he was unable to do
this cause mom made the bed
before he got there!

Yep, he was not a happy camper!

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tic Toc the Office Clock

Last Monday
July 20th, 2015 was my 
first day at my
new job....
Administrative Assistant 
to the Superintendent
for the TN School for the Blind.

And my office needed
a clock..
I would have ordered one.
Could have bought one
but I decided to 
make one.

A bit of my personality 
for my 


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Dakota - My Buddy

He is my buddy.
He has hung with me 
through thick and thin.

When I am sick and hurting from
my Fibromyalgia 
and just laying around
he stays right next to 
me all day long.

When I had surgery on my shoulder in
2012 he stayed so close to me.

When I left the surgical that day
my mom took me to her house.
I had to sleep in a recliner
and Dakota slept on the bed across
from the recliner, facing me the
whole time.

When we went home and I was still 
having to sleep in the recliner,
he slept there with me.

When my mom would come to pic
him up to go to her house
for a while, he never wanted
to leave my side.

Yes, he is my bud.

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