Thursday, June 22, 2017


My older brothers bday is
the 23rd. 
Ray will be 60. 

I wanted to set out and find
something special 
to turn into a clock. 
So off I went antiquing!

I love windows.

and clowns!

I actually considered these
for a clock. The bigger one was
priced at 28.00. It would
make a cool clock for over
the fireplace but it was not
really what I was looking for.
So I past it by.


Loved this piece below. It was
heavy too. I was thinking for 
my kitchen but at 45.00 I 
decided I did not need it 
that bad.

This is a tad strange!

And this was a tad stranger!!!

Okay, this one was not as
bad as the one above.

Melmac....did you ever eat off this?
Not sure I ever saw it in pink though.

Took this pic and text it to 
my friend Theresa...
she is from Ky.
But for 75.00 she said
she did not need it that bad.

I love antiques.
But I did not find
what I was looking for.
I was on the search for
a rusted round saw blade
or an antique camera that
I could turn into a clock. I need to make
him a wooden clock 
I guess. 

Now....I had been on the 
search for a baby bed spring.
The last one I got I picked
up at an antique store
for 5.00.

Did  not find one on my visits
the other day but on the
way home from feeding
my brothers cat I past one
thrown out by someones trash.
Yep....I got it.

What was I needing another
one for?

I pulled this pic from the
internet to show you what
I want to use it for.

The one I got before has
made an awesome trellis
in the garden.
This one I found will work 
great to hang my pots on!

There are those days that
I really do feel this way!

Thanks for stopping in, 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cat Sitting

Yesterday I posted on my blog
this pic of Zora AKA Becky.

I am going to my brothers
house each day and feeding 
her. I usually hang around
for about 30 mins or so to bond. 

Today she crawled up on me
and bumped her nose with 
mine. I have recently learned
this is a way of greeting me.

This is Zuzu. She is my brothers
other cat and she is staying
at my mom's right now.
She is not so friendly to 
Zora so it was best to
break them up. haha

Three days in a row I have
encountered this baby when
pulling in the drive. 

Mark lives across the street
from the lake. He walks around
the lake a lot and he has a collection
of these in a jar. 

My niece was in a play at
college a few months ago.
These are some of the rocks
they had on stage. Look real
but are not.

The cat painting I did 
for my sis in law last
yr. and the rooster was
the one I recently did 
for Mark. 

Yesterday I posted a tree on 
my blog with shoes pinned
to it. This is another tree
in Marks yard.

Now if you look closely up in the 
branches you will see
more Tonka trucks!

Saw this sitting on the table
today. It was taken about 1.5
yrs ago when Alice Cooper
was here for concert.
That is my brother on the left
and my nephew on the right.

Chase and Alice are friends.
They have golfed together
and spent time together.

Thinking of making
one of these for the deck.

Thanks for stopping in, 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Life at the House

When I can lately I still
surf Pinterest but
with Lily I am finding that
hard. She loves walking
across the keyboard!

But look what I found!
I love.
Might need to start on 
Halloween crafts now.

haha....last week when going
through my scrapbook I 
ran across this.

It was in the local newspaper
back in 1976
Bicentennial year. 
It was taken at school.
I was dressed the part and 
so was Wendy. The little
girl I used to babysit.
And Marty was a year older
than I. 

Also found this...
Minnie Pearl came to the school
once to talk to the seniors.

Meet Becky.
My brother that just lost
his dog has to cats.
Zuzu and Zora AKA Becky.
Mom has Zu at her home and
I go to their place to feed
Becky. Isn't she pretty?

Check this out. 
Getting to be friends. 

This is how it was on the deck
She loves to be close.

And she loves to sleep on me.

Haha....this is my brothers yard.
You might think I am strange
with the wild doors and stuff.
Or painting a vine in the crack
in my side walk....

Check this out.
I love it. huh?

Went to Nashville to meet
my daughter Sat.
I was actually on the other
side of Nashville that I
never travel. I loved the view
from where I was.

Gotta get up now and head
out. Lily is in the bathroom sleeping
and Dakota is on the couch sleeping
and I am heading to an antique store.
Needing something for my 
older brothers bday.

Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, June 19, 2017

More Doors

Just the other day I saw
door! How
cool is that?

we are making progress.
Dakota has even attempted
to play with Lily a few times.

This has been me today...

Course it did not help
that my air went out 
the other night.

Good bud, my friend,
someone I have known since I
was about 12 is in that 
business and he came
today to check it out.
Replaced a cyclinder like
thingy and my charge...
Gotta love friends.

Now back to doors.
Being an artist I would love
to see things like this while
out and about.

Although this one would
be a little freaky.

But I love this below.

I bet there is a lot of love
behind this door.


Wow...this one took work.

I like the one below also.

 which one do you like?

Thanks for stopping in,