Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas with the Family

I have two of the best and sweetest sis in laws....
And Kim

This is Kim's hubby, my youngest
brother, Mark.
He is sporting his Dirty Santa

And Lori calls claim to this man,
my oldest brother, Ray.

My mom looking over the fun.

This is my nephew, Chase and this
is the standard family picture look!

See, standard picture look gets right on
going down the line.
My nephew, Cobi and niece, Holly.

Holly, the drama queen that makes
our life full of laughs.

Chase again with his wife Susan. Looks like
Susan is showing Chase which gift to
pick out for the Dirty Santa

My middle grandson, opening a gift.

And my oldest grandson playing with
his gift.

But here he is trying to hide from Nana's camera.

Youngest grandson, Braden, chasing Dudley
the cat under the tree.

Nephew Sean playing dart guns with

Paige with the first gift of the night drawn
from the pile.

Cobi, my great nephew Cole and

Trying to get all the bunch together for family
pics proved to be hard this night.
But here is Mark, Kim and Holly.

Chase, Susan and Cole.

Ray, me, mom and Mark

And standard make a face pic...

This is my daughter Amber.
Wanted a pic of her and the boys but
by this time the boys were tired and we
really needed to get them home.

But before that we were lining up
for a family pic of all. While Chase set
up the camera I got this shot of Mark!

Isn't this cute. Susan had Cole make this
for the grandparents and my mom, the
great grandmother.

thanks for stopping in,

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jessica and Sean - Photo Session

A couple of weeks ago
I did a quick photo
session for my niece
and nephew.
They wanted pics for Christmas
I thought we did an amazing job
being that it was in the low 30's
and this photographer was

A being silly shot!

They turned out great!
Thanks for stopping in,

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas for the Boys

I have found buying for a 13 year old boy
is not easy.
And I decided to make Christmas easier
this yr and just get each boy a one or two
For Caleb he loves games for his
Usually he beats one and
trades it in for something new.
So he got a Game Stop
gift card.
Boxed and wrapped in
7 boxes.

He enjoyed it.

DJ checking out his bag of

DJ and Braden.

Braden checking out his bag.

the youngest two playing.

Merry Christmas.
Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, December 23, 2013

Dakota and the Squirrels

Dakota AKA The KING is a RAT
He was named justly so since he was
breed to hunt rats, and critters
such as a squirrel.
Now keep in mind that The KING has put
on some weight and so he does not
run near fast enough to catch the squirrel before
they run up the tree.
But, Dakota thinks the use of a lawn chair
will help him in the aid of catching that
said squirrel.
He can even sat down on the job!

"Hey wait, where are you going? If you move
to that tree I can't continue to sat in the chair"!!

Now to tell a funny story on Dakota...
Last week while at my mom's he goes to the
back screen door and with the other dogs he
begins to bark. Mom lets him out and she
said he was running so fast that his feet
never touched the steps as he flew off
the deck!
I can see that now.
There were a couple of squirrel in her backyard that
he had his sites set on.
He hits the yard running, they take off running,
they manage to squeeze through the diamond shaped
openings on the fence and keep going.
I guess Dakota either did not stop to think
or just figured he could make it through also.
BAM! Knocked him back about six
or seven inches.....
LOL...way to go KING.
Yesterday here in Nashville it was 70 degrees,
4 days before, high of
35 degrees. Crazy weather.
Dakota and I went walking through the yard and
I look up and spy this...
It was hard to tell what it was at first but
then I realized it was a SQUIRREL
hugging the branch....
first thought was, is he hiding from

Then later in the day off the deck I
see this guy hiding while he feeds
off the birdfeed!
He saw me and jumped down and
out Dakota went....
not fast enough yet again.

Thank you for stopping in,

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Past

This shot was taken several
years ago of Dakota
Look at that royal sit!!
Taken last year and he was
not happy about mom playing
around with him.

Granny had Dakota a gift...
but I made him go after them.

Taken 2 years ago by my nephew Chase.
This is his son, my great nephew and
I at Opryland Hotel looking at lights.

I have reduced the amount of stuff I
put out at Christmas since it
is just me and I have
even reduced the size
of my tree.
Got this one last year to replace
the fat, thick wide one I have.

I even skipped putting a topper on
the tree so I threw a hat up there!
Merry Christmas,