My friend Theresa  who went to Iceland and brought back the neat gifts for me  also brought me a keyring.
And misplaced it when she  packed for home. Only to find it a few  days later.

I normally get keyrings of places I go but if I figure I will never make it there I ask folks to bring me one.
I mark on the back who it is from and the yr. 
Then I hang them n my box for them. I have  several that I have yet to hang.
Need to get on that.
Went to mom's to move her plants in from her screened deck to the den for the  winter. She located these critters right before I got there.

The one above was larger, older. The one below was a darker green since he / she was younger.

Coffee and the Squirrel

You know through the years I have learned that  laughing is a great form  of medicine. It does not help with the pain, it does not heal, but it does allow you to forget the pain, forget the illness at least for a little bit. 

Yesterday I was down for the better part of the day.  That is how the fibro hits. I was not in pain but fibro also opens you up for a host of  other issues. My two biggest are pain and  fatigue .
When the fatigue hits it is  unreal.  Think in your mind what the most worse fatigue you have ever had and then  multiply it by twice as much. 
When it hits, my body crashes. So getting up the day before thanks to the fur babes at 5am, going strong all day, setting up for the event and working it... I slept all day yesterday.  The great part about it..... I curled up on the glider on the  deck, while Lily ran up and down the screened in area watching birds

Pet Community Fund Raiser

And here it is.....

What Theresa and I have been working on.  The photo background.
Course once it was up I had to take my pic in front  of it.

Then we needed to see how it would work with 2 folks in  front of it.

WOW.... check out this major makeup mirror!
Yep, Ms. Sassy had to take her pic in front of it!
Check out the hand on the hip!

Hey does this mirror make me look THIN!
Part of my costume. Necklace. Earrings. and there at the top is my ring!

Healing Stones

Before I start on this post I  wanted to added this comment...
Yesterday I posted pics of Halloween past outfits. I asked if anyone knew who I was in this costume, no one commented.
HAHA it is a little hard to get this one but I really thought  I was doing something with this one....If you blow up the pic you will see that the shirt  is a print of Peacock Feathers!
I am holding my candleholder  and books.... got it yet?
I am Ms. Peacock in the library  with the candlestick!
Now to the original post!
It's only been about a couple of years ago that I bought my first stone.
At that point I also purchased a bracelet and ring.
The bracelet on the bottom includes Hematite and magnets. The ring is Hematite. I purchased this because I have a weak wrist on the right side. I am right handed so I guess the  years caught up with me.  When my wrist would bother me I would take to wearing the  bracelet. Which seemed to help. The ring was for the right hand also because basically I liked it!
The bracelet on top consist of just Hema…