Letters and Sunset at the Lake

Most of you have been blogging with me for over a yr or so  and I am sure you figured out that I am ALWAYS looking for that photo op.
Just because I was on vacation and in the mountains did not change that at all!
Years ago I started collecting pics of items that favored a letter. I try to stick with the  caps but sometimes it is just to easy to get a lower case letter.
These look amazing in b&w. So here is what I got in the  mountains of Calif. 
Keeping in mind that J's, C's. G's, S's, O's are easy to find. M's, B's being the hardest.
Here are some J's I got.
This shot below is a fave of mine. It was the back leg of the  wooden seating in front of the  fire.


The one below would make a great C or G.

Doors, Gates and B&W Views of Calif.

I love B&W pics. I think they offer a tad bit of elegance to  a shot.  I have a whole series of  pics I have taken that hangs above my couch in the livingroom. With that said, I am thinking of trading some of those shots out with newer ones just to give a new feel to it all.
When I Calif. I loved viewing the  difference in living there compared to here. For one we all know that there is a lack of space in the  neigbhors of Calif. where in TN we have so much more space between homes. I not only loved viewing how folks take what little space they have to make it work, to have cute little sitting areas, and gardens. But something that caught me eye was the use of doors and gates. 
With that I will be doing a whole series of doors and gates to hang in  my home (like I have the wall space). Like I have stated before,  I have to fill all blank space on  my walls!
Not only do I love the doors and gates I love the B&W and I love wood and metal just as much as I love demin and lace!
Check out my B&W doors and gat…