Hodge Podge Sort of a Post

Monday I wanted to bake so I  made Pumpkin Bread.
Two large loaves and 3 small. I took a small to mom, froze  2, sliced up a large and took to  vets office where my daughter works to share with them and I kept a large  one out here at the house. 

Yesterday I decided it was cool enough to get out and clean  on my shed. 
I have a Rubbermaid trash can in  there that holds these items.
My son, Cory's Tonka  trucks.

When I opened the shed I actually intended to get a door out of there. Years ago Lowes had inside doors for sale. I measured all mine and bought what I needed. They have been in my  shed for years.  So since I finished that one guest room I  took the old door off and needed to grab the right  size to hang. I wanted to  wait till it cooled down (I don't do heat well) and I  knew it would not be an easy task.  After throwing everything out of the shed and starting over I  made a run to Lowes.
I needed brackets. Here is one in the pic.

Second Post Today ~ Questions

This morning after publishing my random 
post on my blog I found a series of
questions on Ann's blog.

So I decided that I wanted to post the
same questions. I love things like this!

Here goes~

1. What prompted you to start blogging?
I started blogging in early 2009. I had a friend that I have known

the better part of my life and on FB she posted the link
to her blog. I thought that was so cool. I had never read,
followed or been a part of a blog before. I love sharing
so it just seemed natural I would jump in and start blogging

2. Which language would you like to learn?
Oh me learning another language is so funny. Probably English! haha....I speak southern, make up your own speak English. I tried Spanish, that was a joke, I dropped out of class cause I could not get it. At one time I was learning bits and pieces of Arabic. I worked with a woman that was from Egypt and her English was sometimes hard to follow. I wanted to try and make it easier on he…

Nuts/ Flags/ Dogs

For a month or so now while we sat on the deck we could  hear walnuts falling out of the tree into the creek next to the deck.
Really gets Lily's attention !
Anyway, I got down there with my rain boots on the other day and got the walnuts out for Theresa who wanted them. 
Luck...the creek is pretty much dry in several areas. 

Two bag fulls.

I dropped them off on Theresa's porch since she was out and  noticed a bunch of  acorns in her yard so I  picked some up.

The are great for decorating with.
Deck news~ it is 43 degrees right now. We are not doing coffee on  the deck. Lily keeps going to the back door wanting out! I was sitting here on the end of the couch, trying to enjoy  <


My friend Theresa  who went to Iceland and brought back the neat gifts for me  also brought me a keyring.
And misplaced it when she  packed for home. Only to find it a few  days later.

I normally get keyrings of places I go but if I figure I will never make it there I ask folks to bring me one.
I mark on the back who it is from and the yr. 
Then I hang them n my box for them. I have  several that I have yet to hang.
Need to get on that.
Went to mom's to move her plants in from her screened deck to the den for the  winter. She located these critters right before I got there.

The one above was larger, older. The one below was a darker green since he / she was younger.

Coffee and the Squirrel

You know through the years I have learned that  laughing is a great form  of medicine. It does not help with the pain, it does not heal, but it does allow you to forget the pain, forget the illness at least for a little bit. 

Yesterday I was down for the better part of the day.  That is how the fibro hits. I was not in pain but fibro also opens you up for a host of  other issues. My two biggest are pain and  fatigue .
When the fatigue hits it is  unreal.  Think in your mind what the most worse fatigue you have ever had and then  multiply it by twice as much. 
When it hits, my body crashes. So getting up the day before thanks to the fur babes at 5am, going strong all day, setting up for the event and working it... I slept all day yesterday.  The great part about it..... I curled up on the glider on the  deck, while Lily ran up and down the screened in area watching birds