Thinking Ahead into the Past

According to the group in charge of the Pet Community Fund Raiser they will be doing it again next yr.
The group got together and discussed what they could do differently and  how it could be made to run  smoother. 
On that, they also decided on the  theme of the fund raiser. French Masquerade!
Thinking ahead I started  surfing the net for dresses and what they would look like.
I came up with several but my mind kept saying, make it easy to  produce. 
This I was thinking would be crazy for me to even think about.
Actually, this one below would be  easier.

This one I pulled for the fabric. Trying to come up with what would work. Satin seems to be a biggie with the dresses.

But my thoughts kept going back to this one.

Photo Shoot - Breanna / Pumpkin Pics

Today I had my first photo shoot in a while.  I have not been shooting due to the fibro but I am wanting to get back at doing it.
This is just a sample of Breanna's senior pics from the today. HAHA An Oakley wanted to be a part of it all.

I have just started on the editing of Breanna's pics but I am excited at how well they turned out.
Then I messed around with some things at my brothers house.
This is an old rocker on the front porch, and look they left me pumpkins to play with.

Out and About - China Cup and Saucer / Shopping

Headed out this morning to  purchase some pants. Sounds simple right, well when you don't know the size you wear now it's not so easy. 
But....Wally World was a big help....I got a pair of  jeans (size 10) and a pair of tan like jeans in a Jr. size 11! I have winter pants with lineings but only a couple of light weight pairs of pants. These came from unpacking smaller clothes. But with that, I needed something nice I could wear out. 
Problem - I don't like trying on clothes. but, now I have sizes I am good.
Stopped at a local antique store and  picked this up.

Figured I would hold on to it for the cup swap thingy that is done here in blog world. Not sure who starts that but please remember I want to be a part of it this yr. THANKS.
Shot this on my way out this brothers porch.

HAHA....just something I did with lotion I was putting on last night while sitting at a red light.

Brothers porch this morn.

My Son's Jokes

My son is a mess. Not sure where he gets it from!!
He lives outside San Diego. He moved there for the Navy in 2007. He met the love of his life and they married in  2011. The two of them together are perfect. 
Anyway, the neighbor next door to Cory and Britney had gnomes in his yard. 
(photos from internet)

Cory worked late, coming in way after dark. 

And Cory being who he is decided to move the gnomes. Little by little each night  till they were almost at the  front porch. 

Coming home one night, they were moved back into place.
Little by little each night they were getting moved again.... until the neighbor took them up!

Next, Cory's best friend Russ,  my other son from another mother went to Hawaii, taking his girlfriend to propose.