My Colorful World

The view looking down my deck steps to the yard.... this artist might need an intervention?? But I warn you, you don't want to be the one to take away my paints!
I looked out today and decided that my  stepping stones needed color!
3 down and about 14 more to go

Welcome to the colorful world!
So what do you think?

Pics from the Farm

I found a sign on FB about laundry the other day so then I went on PINTEREST (which I love) to find others. They are just so cute. this.

Old beat up classic.
The other day (Thursday) it was pretty, sunny, cool breeze and I grabbed my camera and headed to the farm (Chris house where Misfire lives). Be between winter, Fibro, and life I  have not been picking up my Nikon  as much as I used to but when I have  a few times lately I love it. I love the feel of that camera in  my hand.
Just a wildflower that grows in  the yard can make an awesome pic. 

This is the cat that was dropped a few months back  at the barn. I named her Brandau, that is the name of the road she was dropped off on. 

I see beauty in the usual shots.

After messing around a bit I headed to the pasture.<

Where Were You April 16, 1998

I wished I had a laundry room and  not a laundry closet I would have it decorative so cute....loving the signs.

Usually you would not be able to go back 20 years and tell about a certain day that long ago. But, for April 16, 1998 I can tell you about that day in Nashville.
The day started off rocky.  Listening to the  news, and watching the weather I decided to go into work late and almost decided to not send my kids to school.  There were storms all over west TN with one tornado after another hitting on  its route to Middle TN. 
I finally headed out to work. Parking in the employee parking lot a few blocks from where I worked. Weather was still iffy.  I entered the basement of the Andrew Jackson Bldg. (where I worked for the printing division for the  state of TN). Everyone was talking about the weather and I told them it would be okay, that just a week before I saw a special on  TV that stated tornado's never hit downtown areas. Being 20 yrs than I am now and not so in tune to tornado's I thought t…

Laundry Sign and 40th Grads!

Morning.... it is a iffy rainy morning here in Nashville, TN.. Rained all day yesterday when a cold front came thru. Once again, Mother Nature is having another hot flash I guess.
Was surfing my home page on  PINTEREST yesterday and saw this
I just thought it was a cute saying.

Me and my friends as we age!! HAHA
I am really trying....trying to stop roadside and Goodwill shopping.  Just no sense in keeping all this stuff that I never get around to making.

Remember the crochet table cloth I found for 5 bucks at Goodwill. I love it but then I saw this.
I love it. I count about 22 ties! Might have to do a 1/2 off Saturday at Goodwill.. (see what I mean, just said I was trying to stay out of that place!)!!