From Tomatoes to Flowers and From Pantry to Bears

Went out on mine and Dakotas walkabout  this morning and wanted to pick my tomatoes. I waited one day too long to  pick, something else decided to take a bite out of one. 

So now I am down to two.

Sitting out on the deck this morning,  nice 74 degrees with a cool breeze and  I look out to the yard and see this.

I have been watching it starting to bloom and  BAM here it is.  Beautiful!

It took days. Days that it should not take a  normal person to do. But the pantry is clean.

When there were kids here and I cooked everyday, those shelves were always full. I actually took a bunch of canned beans to  the food pantry the other day. Since my surgery eating them just about does me in. I bloat up and hurt too bad to enjoy beans anymore. 
When you step into the pantry and look to the right, there is another opening. This  opens to what used to be the storage area off the deck that I had closed up and opened  from here so I could have more storage 

Crosses, Star Wars, Titles and Fibro

This shall be an all around blog post today... course you are used to that from me! Yesterday was a produced day as far as errands and getting somethings done, but not  crafting....since I had to adult and do  something that needed doing.
But for now I will let you guess where  I am!

Came out this morning to the sound of  a slow gentle pitter patter of rain hitting the tin roof.  THEN all of a sudden a down pour! Dakota was curled up next to me on  the glider cause he hates that sound! We are now back to the gentle sound.. and I am enjoying my 2nd cup of  coffee.

My trip to Calif is coming up  fast but not fast enough I need  to see my son.  In the mean time while  surfing PINTEREST I  saw this. Cory my be a man of 30 but he loves his Star Wars, and Britney as agreed to a room of Star Wars. Guess what I need to get busy doing.

Fans to Walk Abouts Including Trees

You all know by now that I am all about using items in different ways~ I think that is called up cycling. I saw this on Pinterest the  other day and thought, wow, how  cool. The side rails for a baby bed.

Temps have been moving  on into the "HEAT" section of my porch thermometer!
I keep fans in my room upstairs and a guest room. I had an older box fan on the deck. But took the older box fan to the  barn to hang in Misfires stall to run at night.  HAHA...that in itself is a funny story. But anyway, I brought the one from the guest room down. It's like this one.

I thought with it sitting up higher  it would do a great job but it was not even doing the trick.
So off to Wally World I went for another box fan...and I love the colors! Yep, got a purple one!
The one I took from the deck to take to Misfire was older but worked great. Weeks ago I pulled up the barn, unloaded it then I noticed Chris' son in the pasture  unloading stuff from his truck to the burn pile. I knew I would have to move so he could…