Card, Gift Cert and Candy Corn

 I know that you all are prob
sick (no pun intended) and tired of
hearing about Stoner and me 
being sick....
But that is my life
lately and all I have to 
blog about so here it goes.

Day two after my trip to 
the ER I feel live in 
my body. I did work on 
staying awake today, 
piddled a little bit, but 
only on things I could do

Through this whole thing, I 
have only lost it a few times
but only with my daughter.
But Saturday, I sort of 
had an emotional spell...

I got a card in the mail
and it included 
three gift cards.

The part that got me emotional
was where the card came
DuPont, Class of 78.

My school peeps!
45 years after the day we all
went our own ways, and 
I got this.

I am tearing up even now.

I feel so lucky.
This is what it is like to 
go to school with some folks
since first grade, and some
not until high school. But when you
live in what once was a 
close, smaller area and 
you have FB to help keep you
close, you keep people like this
in my life.

Are you a fan of Candy Corn?
LOVE it myself, but only in 
small, they are sweet.

Did you know that they
had a lot of different flavors?
In this years lineup 
include kettle corn, caramel apple,
 cotton candy, lemonade shake-up,
 strawberry funnel cake, and
 lemon-lime snow cone

Or did you know that 
Chicken Feed was the original name
of the candy with production 
started in the late 1880s?

I would try this!

 Now I want Candy Corn,
and I have none, I have
NO SWEETs at all.

Oh well, 


Ann said…
How nice of them to send the card and gift cards.
Candy corn isn't my favorite but I can eat it. I just prefer the original flavor though. It sure does come in a lot of pretty colors.
Marie Smith said…
What a great group of classmates! Hope you have a great day, Pam.
Christine said…
Didn't know about all the candy corn flavours.
What an awesome card! You have a great group of friends in your graduating class.
Mari said…
That is so sweet! I know you felt very loved when you got that.
I can eat a little regular candy corn, but not the flavored kind.
BeachGypsy said…
Keep on resting if needed and recovering Pam!! Even one surgery takes a lot out of a person since we are not 20 anymore. Love the pretty candy corn! Have not seen that here
That was super nice of them, your class has class. Dang, that's a lot of candy corn!
Liz A. said…
I do like candy corn. They did an episode on them on The Food the Built America, and the chicken feed thing came up. It has a very interesting history.

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