Curl to Straight, Straight to Curl

 Have you ever just
thought about how our
body, likes, dislikes and 
life changes over the

The other day I looked
in the mirror and 
a thought hit me
about the change in 
me since birth.
Other than I am 

My hair...
My granny lived in 
Georgia and we were
in Calif when I was born.
Mom sent pics of
course and granny
told me that
she thought I was a 
Japanese baby.
I had black hair and 
small slanted eyes.


But on top of that,
well on top of my head
I had curl to my

Course the pics are
not the best.
I could not really understand
it but when we
moved to KY, the water
being softer than Calif.
my hair began to 
go straight.
I would have thought
it would be the other
way around.

As I grew mom 
would curl my hair
at night in sponge
for the look below.

As I grew and was
in high school, curling
irons were available.
But there were the times
I just went natural...

 Or the times 
I decided I wanted
curl all the time and 
did the perm.

Good grief Charlie
Brown, what was
I thinking?
And of course  you can 

tell the hair was still

Then the color started to 

Why does it always
start at the temple/sides?

As the gray came 
I really started
hitting the 

Loving Care!

When the hair started to
thin more and more...
I decided to stop
hitting the bottle.
I myself was
surprised to see the
color under all the dye.
More so then I thought it 
would be. 

(check out the pic above...this was
taken by my friend Pam, I was holding up
my small camera cause at that time I had
a flip one (lol), and as she took the pic
my image was showing on the came
cause I had it on)
(another note....loved that cut)

My hair dresser kept
telling me to stop
coloring, it was
And girls would come in 
wanting the salt and 
pepper/silver look
but they could not 
produce it.

Over the last three yrs
or so the salt and pepper 
has gone to salt and 

You see the pepper in the bottom
of the hair?
Well, last week I kissed
that goodbye when I 
went and had my hair cut.

 I was wearing it
all one length until
a couple months ago and 
I then had the front part
cut a little shorter.
But for the first time
in a million years...
okay, truth, since the 70s
I went to my hair dresser
and asked to have
they are back!
I did this cause my one length
and gray hair was totally
frizzy even when 
I used produce to stop
it. Layers are really helping
that, plus it gives my
hair volume!
Also had the front cut
It behaves better!

Anyway, I started this 
post to basically
tell you that once 
what was curls, went
straight and now
over the last seven 
to ten years my hair now 
has its own natural
wavy curl.

Strange how things like
that go.
When my mom in law
took chemo, she 
lost all her gray straight hair
but it came back curly
and dark.
Life it full of 
all sorts of things.
I am waiting to 
wake one morn and 
my hair be all
dark, almost
black again!
Okay, maybe I will
dream it before
I wake!

What color is
hair color now?
What color are
you wearing?
If you could go
back to your
teens, what would 
you tell yourself teen
self? I would tell me
to take better care of
my back, eat so
much better and 
pray I avoid



Liz A. said…
I have just (as in, just in May) started having my hair dyed. My auburn (well, kinda more brown than red now) is getting more grays, so it was time. I always promised myself I'd start dying my hair when it started to go gray, so now's the time. I'm not sure how long I'll keep it up, but for now I like not seeing the gray.
Ann said…
I have no idea what color you would call my hair. I suppose gray. I've always had perfectly straight hair. I did perm for a while but even that, it would take two perms for it to hold. I'm sure hairdressers hated me.
Darla M Sands said…
Thanks for sharing all these great photos! ~hugs~ As for talking to my teen self, I'll stick to hair. The rest is too heavy for a beautiful day. ~grin~ I'd tell myself to stop having so many chemicals put on my hair, for that seems the main reason it's so thin now. Now my hair is gray throughout and isn't pretty against the mouse brown color I was born with. I haven't had natural curls upon my head for a single day. Wish we could remove all your ailments, my dear! Take care.

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