Linda, Skin and Rocks


RIP Linda Hentz.

Another sweet lady in my life
gone Wed. morning.
I dated Linda's son and Chris
told me that she never liked
who he dated. He was shocked
when she liked me
and we hit it off from
the start. 
Another angle got her wings.

Tuesday, after a doc apt 
I went home and started 
on my laundry. 
Course my washer and dryer
is in the basement. 
I was going to hang the 
clothes out on the line
so I thought while that
load washed I would mess
around in the basement and 
wait till that load was
done. I decided to
go through a few more
boxes of Holly's.
Pulled a box down off the 
shelve and saw this hanging...

Did you see it?

How about now?

Hard to tell but if you look
to the left of the top of 
the window you will
see the END of the skin.

He was a long one. 
Shed that skin and left the basement....
My mom was scared to 
death of snakes and the 
funny thing is, out of  50
some odd years living in 
this house, she never found a
snake skin in the basement!
While I was down there moving
boxes and going through them
I had my 
open and on the look out.

In the loads of rocks I had
picked up at Chris' house
for the firepit I picked these
three up.

I have stacked them and they
are now in the garden. 
Funny how they all ended
up being perfect for this stacking

Liz at
asked me if people that 
got married at the venue knew
that there was a photographer
on staff there?
Yes, Julie usually meets with 
the bride and groom to set
things up. If not meet with,
then talks with them at 
length on the phone. She has
a series of questions she ask.
One of those questions is if they
want a photographer. If they say
yes, but have no clue who to 
hire Julie gives my name.
Most of the couples either have
a photographer they have used
before or a friend/family member
that takes the pics. 



Ann said…
I think I would be freaked out if I found a snake skin hanging from my basement ceiling.
So sorry for the loss of your friend.
Brian said…
I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. Yikes, that was a pretty good size snake!
Christine said…
So sorry about your friend may she rest in peace.
Darla M Sands said…
The losses seem endless. :( I guess that's the price of aging. Hugs, my dear. And bless you and all the folks marrying there and everywhere.
So sorry for the loss of your friend.
May she RIP.

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
I'm so sorry about your friend. And the snake? I would be completely freaked. Spider, bugs, I can take. Snakes? No way.
Liz A. said…
Sorry to hear about your friend.

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