Cherry Tomatoes, Tic Tac Toe, New Project

written June 2nd.

I walked over and checked
out my tomato plants and I 
swear, these were not there

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Still a bunch of blooms on 
my Cherokee Tomato but 
not maters yet. 

I unpacked a couple
of boxes in the garage
and ran across this.
Yep, its out of the deck 
now. The boys will 
love it.

Image may contain: dessert and food

You know...I have things to do....
but my mind is calling for

So yesterday I picked these
beads up.

Image may contain: food

And these drawer pulls.

No photo description available.

I need four of these and 
sitting on the deck a bit
ago I got two strung. 

No photo description available.

Guess you have to wait till 
another post to see what they
will become!!

Do you craft? What do you do?
Is it relaxing to you?
you enjoy it?
“I’ve come to the conclusion that buying craft supplies and actually using them are two separate hobbies.”



Christine said…
That meme is so true!
Brian said…
Oh boy, garden fresh maters before too long!!!
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, I agree with Christine. :) My creativity has turned toward gardening. I look forward to seeing your newest creation. ~hugs~ Be well!
Jeanie said…
You are so right about the craft supplies!

I love thecherry tomatoes and wish I' had a plant. Well, maybe next year!
BeachGypsy said…
hi there Pam, your "maters" are way ahead of ours, but we will catch up!! lOL LOL. Gosh yes, I made my Barbies beds and furniture out of Kleenex boxes, cereal boxes, all kinds of household stuff. It's all we had! ha ha LOL. Well, as you can clearly see, I STILL PLAY with one of my Barbies.....Tansy!!! ha ha ha ha ha LOL. I never grew up. ha ha. I know....the stuff they have out nowadays I sure wish we'd had to play with, but then again......I'm so glad I grew up when i was a much better and safer and more peaceful era and safer for kids our in neighborhoods. We played outside all day. Nowadays you never even hear the kids on the playgrounds, and that was before the virus too. I guess they all "play" inside with their video games and watch youtube or something. We had bikes, hula hoops, skates, skateboards, SWINGSETS, tree swings, all kinds of lawn games like croquet, volleyball, balls and bats, basketball hoops, sand boxes, etc. We had backyard pools too, from small to large, whatever our folks could do. We played freeze tag and red rover and ghost in the graveyard after dark. We threw frisbees!!!! Running and catching frisbees is great exercise, LOL. We had kites! And of course, we played Barbies.
Liz A. said…
One must feed the stash...
Ann said…
I should have got some tomato plants. Nothing like a tomato fresh off the vine.
I think I've been better at collecting craft supplies than actually crafting although I've done my share of crafting too. I never had just one thing I was interested in though. I like to do a variety of things.

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