Christmas Decor / Keeper of Memories

My boss Theresa brought in decor for
our window today. Looks so festive. 

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So, we are getting down to the end of
cleaning out moms house. I was going 
through some things I brought to my home
and I found the last three yrs of cards I 
painted and sent to her.

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I have also brought two more paintings
home. I ended up having 3 - 16x20's and
3 - 8x10's. I did give one of the 16x20's to
my daughter.

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I went through a cross stitch craze
years ago. I made this for mom cause
she loved to read. She had it stored
in this bag.

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A cup I did. She kept pencils in this in her 

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Years ago my mom loved to sew.
Matter of fact when I was younger
she made all my clothes. When 
Amber was little she made all of
hers. But she also sewed some
really cool crafts. Because she
loved sewing, I made this to hang
in her sewing room. 

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Not only did I locate the above
items I also found my cap and gown
from high school. HAHA...I wore this
many, many.....yep 41 years ago. 

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My mom was a very organized 
hoarder  collector keeper of lives
memories. Items had a place and 
she could tell you right where it was.
Even being organized it has required
a lot of time going through things. 
The house is packed up all but
the office. I will be doing that this
week. Things have gone to GW
and we have kept things. Insurance
is due again and taxes are due in 
Feb. Hoping to get my part done 
this week. My brother will hire
someone to clean and then do 
whatever repairs need doing. Once
I have gotten the office done, I am
done. We have taken way to long
getting this done, mom would be
so disappointed in us but we all 
needed time. Like I stated once
before in a blog, every time I think
there can be no more surprises, I 
just continue to find more things.


wisps of words said…
Close to being done.

The best Christmas Present, to yourself. When it is done.

Brian said…
That sure is a big bunch of incredible memories.
Christine said…
What is lovely is that she kept and treasured all your gifts. Clearing up respectfully takes time.
Rhodesia said…
I found so many interesting things after my Mum passed on. Sadly though she had downsized to one room by then, so many things had either been dumped or sold. Keep well Diane
Darla M Sands said…
I like to think she'd be more understanding under the circumstances. ~hugs~ I'm reminded of my paternal grandmother. She would accept gifts and, rather than use even the most practical items as we intended, wrap things up with the giver's name attached. I guess she figured they could have it after her passing. ~shakes head~ She was a character. Be well!
Jeanie said…
I think your mom would have understood you needed time. And as long as the house didn't have to be vacated right away, then it's time worth taking.
Ann said…
You sure have dug up a lot of memories going through your moms house.
Well God Bless You for all the work you are doing. I love the items your shared and the paintings are awesome!
Liz A. said…
My mom made my clothes when I was a small child, too.

These things always take longer than you think they will. If it was just packing up stuff... But there's a huge emotional component to it that takes time to process. You've done really well getting as much done as you have in this amount of time (and with no time ahead to prepare). So, congrats.

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