Wedding ~ Tim and Jessica

beautiful wedding

Wedding treats for 
the guest.
Jelly from Loveless Cafe.

Jessica and Tim
with family and friends.

The bride and groom
with James and Julie.

Not only was the cake
beautiful but
it tasted

Caught the photographer
doing what photograpers
do best!


Cute idea........
instead of a guest book
everyone signed a heart and 
placed it in the wishing well.

Last name~

Thank you Jessica and Tim
for allowing me to be a part
of your beautiful day and 
thanks fo Julie and James
for having me there.


How perfect! The wishing well is adorable.
Brian said…
That sure looks like a very special wedding for the very special couple!
Christine said…
Beautiful photos wow!
wisps of words said…
A more traditional wedding, this time......

Ohhhh that cake!!!!!!! Imagine being able to "do" frosting, like that!!!! :-)

✨ 🍥 ✨
Beautiful wedding pics. Love them. I love the rustic look weddings. The cake looks so pretty and I bet it was good. The little hearts for the guest book, too cool! Thanks for sharing sweet lady. Happy Easter to you.
Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sandee said…
This is my kind of wedding. Simple and elegant all rolled into one.

Have a fabulous day and week. ♥
Rhodesia said…
Fabulous photos. That cake looks amazing. Take care Diane
Lovely to see these photographs.
That cake looks lovely.

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
Lovely photos, Pam. And what a gorgeous cake!
Ann said…
I like all the decorations
Pilar said…
Wishing the newlyweds all the best! The decorations are cute and the cake looks delicious! Happy Monday Pam!
Red Rose Alley said…
This is a lovely wedding, Pam. The cake and cupcakes look delicious. The jelly is a nice treat for the guests. And the I DO box is sweet. When Nel moves back home to California, she is traveling through Tennessee. It should be an interesting trip, and a looooong one. : )

Unknown said…
So pretty!!! Another awesome Tennessee Tiny Wedding. I love your Blogs.
Liz A. said…
In the first picture, the bride looks bewildered.

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