This, That and My Thoughts

I was in aw of the fact that
we had this.

and it was really,
really BRIGHT!
It felt so nice. 

But up till this point this
is how we were all feeling
in Tennessee.

On my fb page yesterday a memory
photo popped up.

I took this in 2013.
It is over Hermitage property.
It is of Tulip Grove mansion. 
Love this shot.

Thank you for all the nice
comments on my last post about
being exhausted. 
You all know what I have been dealing
with while living at mom's, trying to
clean out things, doing a wedding 
photo shoot, rain.....then
the fibro kicked in. I spent 3 days in
bed, getting up just to feed the dogs
then heading to the barn to feed. I would
then come home and dress for bed
again. You all are so caring....thank you.

The other day however I got up and
dressed a tad earlier than what my normal
had been days before. Then I just sit in 
moms recliner, feet propped up and 
waited till I needed to head to the 

Liz....I thought of you when I 
saw this. 

And these for the 
legs of your chairs.

While scrolling through PINTEREST.

Saturday my older brother text me and 
asked did I want to go to the quilt 
show with him and Lori. 

They treated me to a nice day out.
We did lunch then 
Then we stopped at a place on 
the way home to eat again.
I however was still full 
from lunch.

The Quiltcon was at the 
convention center.
Loved this shot of the 
convention center. 

Course I had to do a selfie at the 
quilt show. 
I don't do those often but I 
have been trying to do more just
so my kids have pics of me...

The guy in the tan vest is my brother
and the woman right above my head is

Been trying to make myself relax at 
night by reading again.
Found this one in moms stash.

Finished it up last night.
It was really good.
I understand she has written a second
book also that I would like to read.

Went through a jewelry box of moms
this morning. 
Found this below.

The blue beads has to be for 
one of my brothers.
Ray seems to think it is his.
He is now 61, so mom held 
on to it for 61 yrs.

Then I found this.
That is Ray's writing so he must
have found them and gave
them to mom.

Located this heart pin I made
mom years ago.
The TBI coin I gave her and 
the pic is me on graduation day.
It was in a locket she wore for a long
time. She gave me the locket a
few yrs ago. 

Also I found these...
business cards from the jobs
I had that I had cards for.

There was also ones for Ray and 

My daughter bought a used/new
car. She had my old Malibu which 
was 14 yrs old. I drove it up till 2
yrs ago and never had issues with it other
than to replace a fuel pump.
But right after Christmas the 
motor blew up.

She had been driving her hubby's car
since. My mom gave Will the car back
in Nov. She got another one and wanted
him to have that one since he did not
have one. 
Congrats on the car Amber. 

Okay....almost time to go feed at
the barn. The critters here have been fed.

Hoping your Monday is a good one,


Liz A. said…
I'd add those to the project pile, but that pile is high enough as it is ;) Too cute.
Brian said…
Those were some good finds! Oh yes, sunshine, it's been wonderful here too!
Ann said…
Glad you got out and had a nice day with your brother and sister in law.
Sandee said…
We've had one storm after another and we're supposed to have rain through Thursday. We look about the same here as Tennessee. Oh well, we need the rain.

I love the chair leggings. That's clever. So colorful too.

I have my old business cards too. I should dig them out and see what it there.

Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to all the babes. ♥
Christine said…
Glad you got some sunshine!
Debbie said…
there is nothing better than sunshine for the soul!!!

i would imagine cleaning out a lifetime of belongings and memories would be a very daunting task. you should have help. my mom is 85 and i know that is coming, i don't think i will have any help. i wonder if there are companies that could assist you with the heavy stuff, and you could just go though what you know is meaningful!!!

the picture of the rockers is awesome and you take great selfies.

ps...i could not find the cardinal post you referenced, i copied the link but it didn't work!!
Red Rose Alley said…
hahaha, that picture of the rain in Tennessee is too funny. Oh, my sister would love that quilt show. She knits, crochets, and sews. The things you are finding in your mom's house is something else. I can imagine all the stuff in her jewelry box, and the graduation picture of you! That must have meant a lot to her. I love all the treasures that you share of your mom's, Pam. I have a few things of my mom's too, and I'll keep them forever.

Rhodesia said…
I know just how you are feeling, I went through my Mum's things 17 years ago and it still feels like yesterday. I have so much of her around the house that I often find myself talking to her. Take care Diane
Yippee - so pleased you got some sunshine :)

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
A sunny day is so welcome. And I do love that photo of the chairs at the quilt show. Nice eye there!

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