Barn Stress and a Scam

As winter moves in 
things change...
my body being one.
I saw this on fb the
other day and thought 
I would share.

Keep in mind that if you
know someone
with a chronic illness,
chronic pain this
is their life.

Now....keep in mind that
stress plays with 
Fibro also.

And I have been dealing 
with stress this
past week.
Barn/horse stress.

At the barn where 
Misfire stays there
are other folks that rent
stalls there also. 
Jeanna - she manages the barn
even though it is owned by
my friend Chris. She.
has one horse there -
(one with diamond on 

Tim - Him and Jeanna 
used to stall at another
barn together. He has
one horse - Lily.

And Mr. Eddie, he has
two horses there.
Scout (below)
and Fed Ex
(the other black horse
in the pick with Black).

Brenda - she has Stormy

And Roxy that I don't have
a pic of. 
And of course

Anyway...they have been
at the barn for a yr now. We
share feeding days and 
a friend of Jeanna's keeps
the stalls cleaned. 

Tim and Brenda 
split morning feedings
and letting the horses out
to the pasture.
Jeanna and I split evening
feeds and bringing
the babes in. 

Well last week, I get a 
text from Jeanna stating
that her, Tim and Mr. Eddie
were leaving the barn.
The place they used to 
stall has been bought by
someone and they asked
Jeanna to manage. She
brought all the others
over with her so they
are all going back except
for Brenda. Her and Jeanna
rub each other the wrong way.
So now...I worry and stress 
on Chris getting more
folks in the barn and
will they be willing to
split feedings like we have
been doing.
Until that point, starting
Nov. 1 I will be going over
and letting Misfire out
each morning and putting her
back come evening. 
Feed, water and hay her.
This will add more stress
to my body. 

Chris keeps telling me it will
all work out but the thing here
is he don't have to worry about
it other than getting someone in
there. He don't mess with the 
horses, he don't have to feed.

If that was not enough to deal
with this~

 So I am walking into the funeral home today, 
hour before the funeral and I get a call from my
 mom. She is very serious and says that there is 
an emergency and she needs me to come help. 
No other clue. I get over there and she begins to 
explain to me that she got a call from my grandson,
 he took off to a funeral of a friend that OD in TX. 
He borrowed his gf's car and wrecked it, hitting a 
pregnant woman and he has been arrested. Bail 90
 thousand and to get him out it will cost 9000 bucks
. I freak so we head to my daughters work to find out what 
is going on. Amber is straight faced and tells me Caleb 
is at home. I can tell by the look on her face that this
 is true. Then it hits me...I have heard about this on .
the news, its a scam. Well, mom did not give any info,
 no credit card # or anything. Said the kid was crying
so hard that she thought it was Caleb. She did 
however get the Public Defenders (so he said) 
name and number. David Miller 321-754-4695.
 I called him and it comes up as Orlando Fl. It
 goes to voice mail so I left a message explaining 
who I was and that I knew this was a scam and I.
was headed to the police. I called right back 
and told him I was after his ass. I planned 
on calling every so mins to wear him out only 
the 3rd time I find my number has been blocked. 
Mom however has not so she called to tell him
 that she has his money and where should she 
send it. She is waiting his call. She plans on 
telling him that the police is holding his money 
and he needs to call them! This is called the 
grandparent scam. When mom got the call .
from "Caleb", it came from one number and
 mom had to call this David Miller. So she 
had two numbers...the one from the boy came 
out of Mexico, she called it back and a woman 
answered telling mom that no one called her 
from there. And of course like I said, Miller's
 says Oralando. Beware everyone.....after
 going to Amber Howells (daughter)
work, then to the 
police department to file a report I still
 made it back in time for the funeral.




Comedy Plus said…
Sorry about the barn issues. You don't need more on your plate.

I've seen this scam for real with one of our boating friends. It worked several times until someone stepped in and put an end to it. Awful people in the world that would do this to seniors.

Have a fabulous day, honey. Big hug. ♥
Liz A. said…
I'm sure things will work out with Misfire. Just trust that someone else will bring their horse in (more than one, I'm sure), and you'll all be able to split the work.

I've heard of that scam. The only person I know who it was attempted on knew for sure said grandchild was at home.
Sandra said…
I saw your scam post on FB and that is just awful and amazes me how they come up with all this crap and what harm it does to others they don't even know.. so glad no money was lost. sorry about the horse mix up and hope you get others in that will like to split the jobs up
Ann Thompson said…
Sounds frustrating with the horse situation. Hope it all works out ok.
That's awful about the scam. Glad she didn't send any money. I've heard that people can call from one number but make it look like it's coming from another one. Pitiful what people will do
Brian said…
Those scammers sure are tricky but those horses are gorgeous!
Christine said…
Horrible scam!
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, I feel for you on all fronts. That scam is cruel. What a relief your mother didn't give out any information. Best wishes on the barn situation, my dear.
That is a horrible scam.

I loved seeing the horses, hope it works out ok on the barn situation.

All the best Jan
Oh my what stress to deal with! Especially at the funeral home.......I hope your barn animals get straightened out....
Denise inVA said…
I hope things work out for you too. A lot on your plate and I wish I could make things better for you. Thank you for sharing this scam. I know at least one person - quite elderly - who has been taken in, not by this one but there is a long list, and lost a lot of money. She said she felt so stupid for falling it but they can be very convincing.

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