La Mesa - Jewel of the Hills

In the past I have always been 
with Cory and Britney when I come to
visit. This time however
I had a car, they had something to do 
and I enjoyed my time alone.
We usually stay at Grandma's
condo on Del Mar but Grandma's 
daughter is living there right now so
we decided to stay in La Mesa where
Cory and Brit live. 
They got this amazing cot that is 
a full size and a blow up mattress
that goes with it and I had my own
room. All was great.

Friday when Cory drove to the mountain 
to have dinner and party with his friends
I stayed in La Mesa. It was my first
time to be able to get out and roam.

I love the quaint little historical town.
Cute shops and stores.
Cool places to eat.

And look what I found.

Did you see the sign on the bldg., under
the clock sign?
Yes, I went in. 
Yes I bought three shirts.

Later while running around looking at
things in the car I found this.

No I did not go in.

Thinking if I could retire in Calif.
(never going to happen)
La Mesa would be where I would
want to be!
Plus I think I would fit right in 
since everyone other car I see
is a Prius!
(I drive one).

I went in Goodwill, then I 
walked down the street to a local
antique store.
Where I saw this.

Went in the Amethyst Moon 
something or the other
(forgot the whole name) and 
looked around. Bought a few small
healing stones.

Stopped in a clothing thrift 
store where I bought another
shirt. Then decided to drive around
a bit and check out homes.

Saw these while driving, lot
like the houses being built in 
TN., tall and skinny. 


Amazed at the lack of space but how
they use it all and have such cute
little sitting areas in the yard. 
While driving I also noticed for
privacy they have a lot of privacy
fencing, some cute shorter fencing but
so many had some really cool
gates. I have gotten a lot of 
doors and gate pics that I am
turning B&W to frame.
Will show some of my B&W pics
on things in another blog.

We all know how I love paintings
on anything!

Fruit trees in Cory's yard.

Love this street with the 
trees. Beautiful.

This afternoon I fly home. It seems
like my time here has flown by and 
I am already sad about leaving.
Britney left for work about an
hour ago. Cory is still sleeping and 
I am blogging. 
Going to get up and throw some
clothes on and head for coffee.

Cory keeps talking about the house
him and Brit will have when 
she graduates with her PhD and has
her practice, the one with the room for
mom! I love it. 


Brian said…
That sure is a nice looking place and ya done good at Good Will too!
Sandee said…
What a lovely time you're having. Excellent.

Have a fabulous middle of the week. ♥
Girl, I spotted that goodwill sign! LOL! Marty says I can see a thrift store sign a mile away! Enjoyed your pictures Pam. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sally said…
So glad you've had such a great time, Pam!

Safe travels home!

Sandra said…
I love those tall palms lining the streets and I have seen those gorgeous gates you showed us and I like the house with the burgundy umbrellas. we love privacy fence the taller the better. the town looks really cute and like I would like it to...ha ha on the goodwill shopping in CA, did they have more expensive things?
Ann Thompson said…
Wow, time to come home already? It looks really nice there
Christine said…
You had a fabulous time! Some day you will have a room here.
Darla M Sands said…
Delightful post. And the end made me grin. So glad you have such nice relationships with your family. ~hugs~ Travel safe!
Liz A. said…
Great shots. Yeah, you should totally move out here. Lots to photograph.
Jeanie said…
I love to see you having such a good time -- and seeing so many fun things! I'm so glad you are having a great trip.
Rhodesia said…
What a great post and thanks for sharing, love to see your part of the world which is so different from ours. Hope you are well Diane
Lovely post Pam, so nice seeing all of your photographs.
You've had a great trip, safe travels back.
My good wishes

All the best Jan

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