Yesterdays Projects - Rocks, Plaques, and Table

Morning folks!
I started my coffee

and headed to the deck this
morning at 7:30 only to be
greeted by the neighbor cutting
his yard. 

That really messes with the 
peace of my normal mornings.
However it is a beautiful sunny day
with cool temps (no humidity)
of 72! 

Mom keeps telling my I need to
stop sitting out here cause even
with the aid of allergy pills there is
something blooming that is messing with
me head.

However I can't bring myself 
to stay in.
No real bed pressure 
but the light headed
swimming feeling!

The noise of the mower stopped
 but the dude next door that 
has been having a pool
installed has the deck folks out there.
Now I don't understand what the deal is,
this has been going on for well over a month.
Pool is up and they are enjoying it but the 
deck people come and work all day but it is not
done as of yet. Thank goodness they are not
building me a deck I would be so old by
the time they got it done.
Anyway...dealing with that now.

Yesterday was about 20 degrees warmer
than today but the backyard is shaded
pretty much and there was a nice
breeze. I had to do something!
Pain right now due to the cool temps
is staying at bay so I try to get things done.

First I started with ROCKS!
Yes, I am still painting and dropping 
rocks for 615 Rocks on FB. 
I love doing it, but I decided I needed
to do some to take to Calif. I just
needed to do small ones for the weight.

Here is my creating center till the heat
of summer runs me in.

This is called Pour Painting.
Just just pour the paint on and let it
run where it will!
I try to stick to 3 colors and it seems
to work great.

I did however find this in my flowerbed and
decided it might be bigger but it is 
flat and don't weigh that much. 

This is how I label the backs.

I sometimes get in a hurry and I paint
on wet paint which causes the running.
I did however go back and fix that
before sealing it. 
Course pour paint takes longer
to dry and I let it sit out all day
then yesterday evening I was able to
seal them.

Next while I had the paints out...haha
whom am I kidding, I don't even put them up
anymore since the deck stays shaded...anyway, 
I had finished up Lily's plaque. 
I made Dakotas before Lily came to live
with us and I finally got around to making hers.
Sealed and hung on the deck.

I was feeling pretty good so I did not
want to stop.
I decided it was time for a bigger 

Do you remember the day I went shopping
via the roadside and came home
with this?

Well I debated for months now on what
to do with this...paint or strip.
I looked good and hard at it yesterday
and decided that stripping was the way to 
go. I could see the beauty in it.
So glad I decided to strip it!


HAHA..I had to laugh though cause my
taste has changed so much over the yrs.
Once upon a time I would never 
have PAINTED wood. 
But I seem to normally go that way
these days.
It has been many years since I 
stripped furniture.

Luck was on my side. I had a can of
spray stripper. NEVER used that before and
can't remember why I even had it but thanks
to storing in the house and not the shed it was
still good.

Now...I am trying to decide if I need to 
just seal it like it is or stain it again....
I am leaning to just sealing it.
I will need to rewire it since I broke the
cord in there and then a new shade.

For months now I have seen this babe
around the house. I thought it was a neighbors
cat but now I am not so sure.

It has taken to hanging under my neigbors
deck, the one attached to mine.
I have tried to pet it and it ran. So yesterday
while stripping (furniture, not myself)
I saw it and decided to feed it....

I noticed that the tip of the
 left ear has been 
clipped. When I took the kittens
in at the barn to be fixed they
did that, it is to show that they are
fixed even though they are feral.
Well maybe feral. If this cat was once
feral and fixed but then was adopted
it could still belong to someone. 
Anyway, it ate up and then was gone.
It apparently is not hanging at night under
Marcia's deck cause I checked before the 
sun went down and it was gone. 
But, if I see it today I will feed it again...
against my daughters advice. 
Why against her advice....I was talking about
this said cat the other day and then
the Shadow at the barn (which by the 
way looks amazing)....and Amber working
for a vet warned me that I can't help
every stray I see, that it would cost way
too much. I know this but since this
one is hanging at my will be fed!

NOW for the funny...up until a couple
of years ago I would not even touch
a cat!

I am hoping that you have a great day...
and I need to get my rear moving!


Sandee said…
I would feed that kitty too. You can't save them all, but you can save this one.

Love the rocks and love the paw prints. Too cute.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to Dakota and Lily. ♥
Look at your rock painting! You go girl. Love how the colors just sorta flow. I keep saying I am going to do something like this with my grands and haven't gotten around to it. In our county they have a Rock Group. Different ones have enjoyed painting rocks and they hide them all over the country. The goal is that when you find one to post it in the group and of course to hopefully hide again for someone else to come along and find. I keep up with the group sometimes because I enjoy looking at all the different ones. You've been a busy gal haven't you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Billie Jo said…
Your rocks are beautiful!!!
I hope you are able to get some quiet time outside today!
The sun is finally coming-out here. : )
Rain said…
Hi Pam :)))
Porch life, can't beat it! :) That's where I've been the entire last week! Now it's pouring rain so I'm taking advantage of computer time a little to catch up with my friends :) Your rocks...omg, how beautiful! I love that technique! And the little table/stand is really gorgeous! I'd love to save every stray I see too, how sweet that you're taking care of that one! xxx Hope you're feeling okay today and continuing to enjoy the summer! :)
Christine said…
Cute rocks!
Love the rocks and the paw signs. It has been miserably hot here, but today when had some relief and a little rain. Instead of the 100's the high is 88. Have a wonderful day!
I think your rocks are brilliant, such a lovely idea.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

All the best Jan
Brian said…
Lots of goodies today. Hey, my blog is down until further notice due to a hack attack. We will be back as soon as we can.
Ann Thompson said…
Coffee and hanging on the deck painting rocks sounds like a perfect morning. One year I had been looking forward to my vacation. I was going to spend my days crafting on the deck. My first morning workers showed up bright and early at my next door neighbors to start construction on their garage.
Ann Thompson said…
Coffee and hanging on the deck painting rocks sounds like a perfect morning. One year I had been looking forward to my vacation. I was going to spend my days crafting on the deck. My first morning workers showed up bright and early at my next door neighbors to start construction on their garage.
Liz A. said…
I hope you're now feeling better. Hopefully, your neighbor's deck will be finished soon so you can have peace again. You're going to become a crazy cat lady, aren't you?
Rhodesia said…
Love your rocks, I have some here which I want to paint. I need to find a few more hours in the day though, there never seems to be enough!!! Take it easy and do not overdo it. Diane
Jeanie said…
I take my art out on the porch when I get up north too. I need to find some good rocks this summer.

I can't mow anymore so Rick does it but today I hired my neighbor as Rick is away. Couldn't afford to do that all summer -- but when I mow I can't breathe for two days!
Kim said…
I love a good table makeover! And those poured paint rocks are super cool. I love painting rocks, but I have never tried that technique before. It's on the list now. Thanks!!
Jann Olson said…
You are having too much fun painting those rocks. The pour method is cool! The table turned out nicely too. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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