My daughter took the boys 
for haircuts today. They
all decided how they wanted
it cut.

17 yrs old.

9 yrs old.

And Braden
He is Nana's rebel with this

Oh my...

And my niece's ultrasound. 

Due in Oct. this.

Now I did not do that but once when
the kids were younger, home from work,
finishing up dinner and setting the table I 
got a call, told the dude what I was doing
and that I could not talk with him
right now but if he would give me 
his home number I would call him later
that night once I had the kids in bed.
He hung up, go figure.

Do you like this?
I love the stairs but the floor
is just a tad to much for me. 

The other day when I started my shutter
project I would digging around
in my wood stash and found this.

1.5 yrs ago when I had the storage room
off the deck closed up and opened up 
in the house, I removed a make shift
shelve in that storage space.
This was a bracket that was holding up
the shelve. Noticed it for the first time the
other day. 
House was built in mid 80's so this
was done by someone living here.
Thought it was cool to find. 

In Dec. playing Dirty Santa at Christmas
time I got this gift card.

Decided to use today. 
It came from my daughter so I had
lunch on her today.

Loved this salad.
Dried Fuji apples
mixed green
red onions
and Gorgonzola cheese
with Balsamic vinegar dressing...

who comes up with these tasty

Sandwich was a turkey, avocado,
bacon, lettuce and tomato.
That was not bad at all either. 

My heart is breaking for my son and 
daughter in law, they are having to have
their dog put down. Nika was Britney's before 
here and Cory got together but Cory has
come to love her so much.
She has a brain tumor.
But, they are having someone come
to the house so they can be with her
tomorrow while she goes to sleep.
My heart breaks.....


Ann said…
So sorry to hear about your daughter's dog. That is heartbreaking.
The boys all look great with their new hair cuts.
I like the wood on the steps in that one picture but the entire floor like that is too much for me. At least on the steps it looks like a carpet runner.
Sally said…
Pam, I'm afraid we'll be soon doing this for Hopper Henry; he just gets weaker each day. :(

I'll be back, forgot what I was going to say. It happens a lot. :)

Christine said…
Your grandkids are lovely, lucky you!
Debbie said…
oooooh those are some awesome haircuts, each one so different!!

we love panera bread, eat there all the time!!!

i did not like that floor!!
Darla M Sands said…
I'm so sorry about Nika! That's tough. The salad looks great! Glad you enjoyed it. My writing friends like to eat at Panera Bread but without a gift card it's a bit pricey for me. Living on a budget, I'll to write with them but only buy a bottle of water or iced tea. ~grin~ I'm with you on the flooring. The pattern looks like giant strips of bacon. Ha! Be well, my dear.
Sandra said…
I love wood but no no no to that floor. all the haircuts look good to me. I like they get to choose even if the 3rd is a tad over my limit. ha ha
Rhodesia said…
I like the first 2 haircuts but the third hmmmmmm.
So sorry for your son and their dog. My thoughts are with them, I have been through this so many times in my life and it never gets any easier!
Tale care Diane
Liz A. said…
Great pictures of the haircuts. You're right, that floor is just a bit too much. Sorry about your DIL's dog. That's so sad.

Telemarketers... There's a reason I never answer a phone call from a number I don't recognize. If they know me and really want to talk to me, they'll leave a message.
Sandee said…
Your grandson's are handsome.

No on the floor and the stairs. That made my eyes bleed.

Lovely lunch. Yummy.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥
So very sorry to hear about your daughter's dog...
I think the boys look good, interesting to see their different hair cuts.

Take Care

All the best Jan
Brian said…
My Dad used to need haircuts! I'm so very sorry about Nika, hugs to all of you.
Very handsome grandsons, Pam!

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