From Tomatoes to Flowers and From Pantry to Bears

Went out on mine and Dakotas walkabout 
this morning and wanted to pick
my tomatoes. I waited one day too long to 
pick, something else decided to take a bite
out of one. 

So now I am down to two.

Sitting out on the deck this morning, 
nice 74 degrees with a cool breeze and 
I look out to the yard and see this.

I have been watching it starting to bloom and 
here it is. 

It took days.
Days that it should not take a 
normal person to do.
But the pantry is clean.

When there were kids here and I cooked
everyday, those shelves were always full.
I actually took a bunch of canned beans to 
the food pantry the other day. Since my surgery
eating them just about does me in.
I bloat up and hurt too bad to enjoy beans

When you step into the pantry and look
to the right, there is another opening. This 
opens to what used to be the storage area
off the deck that I had closed up and opened 
from here so I could have more storage 

To the left is a shelve that was hanging in the 
storage area before, I have it sitting on the 
ground with spray paints and stuff on it.
The bins on the back was where the door
used to be is full of Christmas stuff.
To the right of that in the gray bin are
my door decorations for each holiday
or event. Under that is Halloween.
Next to that, cans of unused paint. 
What you don't see is above the shelving
unit is my peg board with my tools hanging

My friend Debbie and another friend who
recently lost her husband went to the 
Smoky Mountains - a 4  hour drive from
home. I warned Debbie to not stop and play
with bears since they are having a big issue
up there right now with the bear just walking
right into the town of Gatlinburg. 

Speaking of that this is what happens if
you are careful.

That is when I was with cousins in Gatlinburg in 
Sept. 2015. I was loading up to leave, left the 
truck open and this is the site that was
waiting for me when I came back out!

No food in the truck but there was in the
back seat so I am guessing Smoky here
could smell that and was looking for it.

For fun today.....
what would your name be?
Mine is Golden Shore Slacker....

So here is hoping you have an amazing day.


Sandra said…
I am soooo not a naked fish tailer… lol.... the storage looks all nice and tidy..and organized... love seeing the bear but not in my trunk...
Darla M Sands said…
So glad you got the pantry reorganized. That's more than I've done lately. And our entire kitchen needs it. ~shakes head~ Sorry about the tomato and no longer being able to enjoy beans. ~hugs~ Don't you hate when vermin ruin your garden produce? Something keeps taking a big bite out of my tiny strawberries the moment one has ripened.
Sandee said…
Naked Lotion Rubber. What a name.

I can't eat a lot of stuff anymore. Beans are one of them and if I do too much tomatoes I've a problem too. This getting old is hard on the menu.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the babies. ♥
Liz A. said…
What normal person are you referring to? I'm sure it would have taken me just as long to get that pantry neatened up, and I don't have any pain issues. You're a golden goddess.

I'm Sandy Bikini Snatcher.
Billie Jo said…
I am a naked shore slacker!!!!!
I cannot believe that bear!!!!
Have a cozy weekend. : )
Debbie said…
i am a naked crab chaser - WHAT!!!

i cleaned out my pantry recently but mine is much smaller than yours. your looks great!!!

we are going to the mountains this weekend, thanks, we will be very careful!!!
Christine said…
Gorgeous flower...happy Friday!
Rhodesia said…
LOL I am lazy crab chaser. Great photos take care and enjoy the weekend Diane
Ann Thompson said…
Too bad about the tomato. I wanted to get a couple plants this year but never got to it
Active shore slacker here! Love your large pantry. The bear is sure scary, though. Have a nice weekend. ♥
NanaDiana said…
I absolutely HATE when that happens. Wasn't there an old song, Oh! What a Difference a Day Makes? or somthing like that!
If you are interested-
There is a "fix" on my blog that seems to be working for those No Reply comments if you want to check it out. It is working for several of us-comments are coming into our email accts again.
Have a great weekend- xo Diana
Denise inVA said…
I'm a Sandy Lotion Rubber. Thanks Pam, made me smile. You've got a great space for storage, looks a lot neater than mine :) Bet your fresh tomatoes taste great. For supper I had a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich, it was delicious. My tomatoes came from the store though. Beautiful bloom and oh my goodness that bear! After seeing all the bears in my previous post, I fell in love with them all over again but the cyclist having to jump on the bus was a bit of a scare. Those bears can smell food from two miles away so I heard.
Your pantry looks fantastic - so organised.

Enjoy what is left of your tomatoes.
That is a beautiful bloom, so pleased you photographed it.

All the best Jan

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