Movie and Just Another Brick in the Wall

So last night I drove to Lebanon, 25 mins
away where my friend Debbie lives.
There is a theater there that shows
movies on Tuesday nights for  $5.50
with tax. 

The seating is limited due to the fact
it is not your normal theather seating....
they are nice recliners!
Debbie picked up our tickets
for last nights showing several 
days ago.
When you purchase your ticket
you have to pick a seating area since
the seats are limite. Thanks Debbie,
great seats. 

The movie was really cute and had
lots of laughs in it. We really
enjoyed it.

Here I am kicked back in my
recliner before the movie

Yesterday I got the yard cut, took the 
trash off , went to bank and then to the
dentist. I had several fillings done
last month and this month. One I had
done on the 7th was giving me issues.
I went in and the dentist buffed it
down. Looking at the xray though
he saw what the other dentist saw before
all this started. Apparently the root of 
tooth 19 looked questionable. 
He wanted me to see a specialist. Since
I had been putting out so much of my
fixed income I decided that would have
to wait. Appears that maybe from the 
root of the tooth to the top of the tooth
where they filled it is a pathway nerves.
This tooth might require a root canal if
I cont to have issues. 
Dentist was not really happy when
I told him no....they could just
pull it. Its in the back on the bottom 
and I am not paying that cost to save 
a dead tooth. Aching today and I have hopes
that is all it will do.

Moving on....I had this thought in 
my head for months now so
yesterday I went for it.


Yep, that is a brick in my foundation 
of my house. 
Maybe time to take the paints

Darla in reply to you comment~
I can paint the doors, the sidewalk
and even a brick cause I don't have one
of those OCD guys!
Just me, my furbabes and my house.

Have a great day,


Sandee said…
Glad you enjoyed your outing with your friend. Always nice to catch up.

I love your bricks. You make me smile when you do these kinds of things.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Rhodesia said…
I had the same problem with a tooth sometime back in the UK and they were really upset when I said take it out. Guess they miss the extra money that they could have made!!! Love just another brick in the wall. LOL Take care Diane
Liz A. said…
We have those theaters around here. It seems like several movie houses now require us to reserve seats. (But the recliners are so nice.)
Brian said…
A movie place with recliners sure sounds nice!
Sandra said…
did you know the person who painted the yellow brick road???? har har har. I would like that movie and wow on recliners. and at that price wow again... I went to a dentist for the first time and told her to pull the tooth, she got really huffy with me, I said I don't have the money to do that. she said it isn't that much, it was 800 dollars. she pulled it but she was not nice about it and I never went back to her. she took over the practice from my old fashioned doc that did only what was needed, no fancy stuff
Christine said…
love how fearless you are! Glad you liked the movie.
Ann Thompson said…
What a neat way to go watch a movie. Much more comfortable than ordinary theater seats.
The dentist wanted to put a crown on one of my teeth that would cost $500. Unless he would guarantee that that tooth would be there till the day I died there was no way I was paying that kind of money for one tooth.
I'm so pleased you had a great outing and enjoyed the film.
Those bricks are brilliant!

All the best Jan
Great movie theater with reclining seats, Pam! And the price was good as well. So sorry about your tooth. Going to the dentist is really expensive. We even have dental insurance that pays half and half is expensive! I just had a crown put on yesterday, so I know. ♥
I think I am gonna check out that movie! Love the purple brick!
Vannara rath said…
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Aren't the theaters with the recliners awesome?!? I want to see that movie too, so glad to hear it's cute.

I hope everything gets taken care of with your teeth soon.

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