Easter and All This

Good morning and 

Hoping you all have a 

Been while since I have done a
rock drop.

Dropped this off last week at 
Burger King in Lebanon TN. 

I had been seeing these on PINTEREST
and FB. 

So I decided that this would work
for my herbs. 
I had been trying to come
up with something for herbs and
of course I was looking at building
something, but decided on this

So here is what I came up with.

Yesterday I was having a pity 
party but decided to get out
and play in the dirt. 
I weeded three flower beds,
forgot how great playing in the dirt
made me feel....

Painted on my blocks,
cleaned much needed crap
out of my car but need
to get it vac'd...and
stop carrying hay in 
the back of it!
It was a good afternoon.

Lots better!
Thanks for all your comments and
best wishes.

Six days till the wedding!

And Amber gets pulled down the 
stairs at her work (vet)...
dog pulled her down three stairs.

At least it is the right hand.

Xrays show no break but she has
to go back in Monday and have
a recheck.

I still have a few neat kitchen gadgets
to show off....

haha...check this one out.


Okay, so you know I love color....
wonder what my neighbors would 

Saw this bus the other day,
haha....I can see me driving around
in this everyday!

I don't do selfies often but sitting
at a red light the other day, one sunny
day! Raining again today.

I love this saying below.

Here is hoping you have a great


Sandee said…
Sometimes getting out and doing what you love can make all the difference in the world. Good for you.

Yikes on the hurt hand. I hope it heals quickly. Bugger.

I love the grey hair graphic. I've got a lot of wisdom highlights too. Too fun.

Have a fabulous day and a very happy Easter. ♥
Debbie said…
that's a very nice picture of you!! i like the cinder block gardening idea, i have seen it on pinterest!!

happy easter pam, i hope you have something fun planned!!!
LOve the block planters but love the coloured paving slabs lots.
Trouble with pinterest is that there are so many things on it that I would like to do it makes me feel lazy. lol
Christine said…
that poor hand! I love those pavement colours actually. Yes, pity parties I know about those. Best thing is if they don't last long and we move on like you do.
'They are not grey hairs they are wisdom highlights' ... just love it!

Happy Easter Wishes

All the best Jan
Ann Thompson said…
I love those blocks.
Hope you have a happy Easter
Rhodesia said…
Ooops that hand looks looks sore hope it heals quickly.
I would be lost without my herb garden. Take care Diane
Darla M Sands said…
Poor dear! I hope her hand doesn't hurt too much. I wondered at first why the right hand was preferable. ~shakes head~ I am not a wedding/party attendee. Hope you feel well!
Liz A. said…
Do you have stones to paint around your home? Because if you do, you should totally. That would be awesome.
Hope you had a wonderful Easter! I've been seeing those cinder block planters around as well. Love the colors you chose, perfect for spring. If I didn't put color on my hair you would be able to see all my highlights of wisdom, LOL. Hope the hand heals quickly!
Sally said…
Oh, love your painted blocks, Pam. And, the photo of you is beautiful! :)

Poor Amber, not good! Glad it's not broken though.

Jeanie said…
I'm glad Amber's not broken but boy -- bad timing! Love your painted blocks. Belated Easter greetings -- my weekend was tech free!

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