Herbs and Wedding Stuff


Snow flurries yesterday
morn, 50 at noon and
flurries after dark....
Oh my...enough!

Do you ever feel like this?

HAHA....Yep, I do, esp when I read this.

YIKES! Has it really been 40
Wow...those years flew by so past.

I was asked to be on the planning
committee for this event. We had our
second meeting this past Saturday. 
This event is coming up fast!
Can't wait....

Okay, so I have decided that I want
to plant an herb garden. Issue, space.
I live in a zero lot line, basically 
a townhouse attached to another townhouse.
I have a big backyard, a nice sized front 
yard but I have no side yards.
One being attached to the other and 
my driveway is on the other side.

I have a couple of flower beds. One
contains my hydrangea bushes in front
of my deck. I have five growning there.

The other is on the side of my shed. Yes, 
I have another side to my shed but that faces 
the creek, growing 
there is not a good idea due
to the creek coming up at times in the
yard and the shade of the trees.

So why not in the big back yard?
Shade mostly but also cause my brother
cuts my yard. He would have a fit if 
I planted anything else for him 
to cut around.
With all this said, I think thanks 
to T's (Theresa) advice to plant it
at the end of the side of the shed, in the 
exiting garden (going to expand it just 
a hair in hopes Mark don't notice...haha)!

Then came the issue of how to do it.
I decided, there again T's suggestion 
to do a standing planter. 

I looked at this below but then 
thought I really don't want herbs
that I might or might not use in 
cooking growing in a palet planter 
(chemicals from the palet wood).

Then I saw this. I love it but
have also decided that it might take
up more room than I want to use.
Although, pretty sure I know where
I can get the stair part already together...
and I have some of those pots.

This is the one I think I have decided
on. More straight up then the stair one.
Made with fencing, gotta check on the 
chemical thing....but easy to make!

What will I plant....
rosemary, basil, oregano, lavender (lost
two in the garden to the cold this winter),
and then whatever else I come up with.

I sat down the other night and 
worked on wedding stuff.
It will be here soon.
This is the arrangement that will be on 
the bride and groom table.
I had the jars (I think I have an issue
with saving jars, might need an 

Picked up the burlap at the dollar store.
Not sure how we are doing this,
either the little ones will hold candles
or flowers. Whichever one we do
the larger will hold the other.
I have burlap to put on the large one.

Then I added lace!
Pretty huh?

Where to put the cards?
This cage thingy.
Added the burlap and lace.
If you have ever seen these in the 
wedding department fo some odd
reason the top has a small hole opening, I 
was going to put a drawer knob on there
but when I went to my stash to see what I had
I found a lavender painted wooden ball...
Perfect color since that is the color
Amber is using.
I paid 2.99 for the cage.

 I still have building to do and I need
to get to it this week.....

So how is  your week so far?
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Sandra said…
my head is spinning from all your plans.. love the jars and basket.. good luck with your mini herb garden
Pilar said…
You're so creative Pam! Have fun planning your high school reunion!
Ann Thompson said…
I'm always wondering what the hell happened. I like all the ideas for an herb garden especially the step one.
Love the burlap and lace look on your jars and the bird cage
Christine said…
lovely spring post today Pam! 40 year reunion, wow.
Jeanie said…
I love your step herb garden plan. That'll be nice. And good job on all your wedding planning. What I see looks terrific!
Jeanna said…
I use planters but couldn't find a way to hook them on the rail so made something from milk crates. I love the wooden ones. I hear you about the bouncing weather.
Love the planter! Spring isn't around the corner here either!
Rain said…
Hi Pam :) Oh my 40 years...I think I'm at about 32 at this point. I don't go to reunions because I never really fit in with my classmates! I love your planter idea. Herbs are so wonderful. Ever since I started growing my own I cringe at having to buy them throughout the winter! Mine are growing pretty well by the window!
Debbie said…
the herb garden planters are the perfect idea, for a small space or any space! i'll have to remember these ideas as spring gets near!!

it looks like you are doing really well with progress on the wedding!! the jars really look great!!!
Herbs are just brilliant and your herb garden planters are going to be great.

Enjoyed your post, thank you.

All the best Jan
Darla M Sands said…
You are so creative! As for planting, we swear by the Earthbox. Check it out: https://earthbox.com/ Hope you're feeling well as possible today!

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