Life's Adventures for the Weekend

 I LOVE Victorian style homes. 
I just love the looks of them. 
In this home below I love the very top room.
I see me up there painting!

I love the front porch. I have always dreamed
of having a long front porch, or one that wraps like
this one. 
It is not a home I would want to keep up though, 
I would not want to have it painted.
The decorative pieces would be rough,
all that wood or to have a roof put on it....
Beautiful though.

Now this one....
I don't like this dormer as well as 
the other one.
Loving that front porch also, not sure
you need two section of steps
going up.

There again, would not want the up keep. 
But I totally love the looks of 
these homes. 
So much more character than the 
new modern homes, which I don't
care so much for.

Friday night my daughter posted
this pic on FB.

She walked into the hall to see my
youngest grandson 
"climbing the walls"!!

Then the next evening I get a text
from Amber stating that she
is in the ER with my
middle grandson.

He had a wreck on his scooter. 
Now first I must go on record as
saying, " Growing up I wrecked, 
I ran over kids (that is another story),
I jumped ramps on a ten speed, raced
down a hill to slide off into a yard
before hitting the on coming cars
of the other road.....and did it 
What is up with my grandkids?
This is not DJ's first trip to the ER
with something broke.

Although 4 hours after getting there
they learn that it is only
a sprain.
They X-ray'd the arm.
Came back with, "we need to 
x-ray the other arm and compare, 
just to be sure, it can be iffy due
to growth plates"......
So, another X-ray and a scan
just to say it is a sprain!
And according to Amber, there was
NO ONE in the ER and it took
4 hours!

Anyway....he is good.

Most of you started following me a yr or so
ago.....long after I started suffering the worst
of Fibro. Looking back on this past few yrs I 
have realized that I could very easily become
a hermit and that is coming from someone
my mom once tagged as a social butterfly. 

With that said, I was invited to a bonfire for
probably the 5th yr in a row, and this yr I 
actually made it. Years past, I have not been
able to attend. I was proud of myself
going due to the fact it has been a really
rough winter for me. Then the weather
clears up, gets warm, then it rains, then it
turns cold, then it rains, then it snows....
and so on and so on....which all of the above
affects my body. 

Anyway, on to the event. 
Liz, a friend of Theresa's (T) has always
included me. It is a chili night, with a keg,
and so much food!
This was Liz's 7th annual, normally done
in Nov. but due to rain and a health issue
for Liz it was moved to the other night.
There was probably 50 folks that came.
Liz and T worked hard setting up for the 

Unable to also have this event for 2016
Liz has been collecting limbs, logs, sticks,
and wood for 1.5 yrs. 
They built this amazing structure above.

haha...and due to log cabin sort of building
with logs stacked on each other the 
way you would see the log cabin look...
this fire burned and burned....
It was amazing!

I personally love the embers floating up and 
floating back to earth.

1/2 a small bowl of chili, with mac and cheese
as the base, a few frito's and some cheese, a couple
of cookies and no drink, I felt like I would
It was great!

When was the last time you attended a 

If you have not been over lately
the furbabes have been posting on
there site...


Sandra said…
I love matches, i love the smell of them, i love FIRE and this one is spectacular. i have never seen one this perfect and your photos are AMAZING... wow! I also love these old homes, there are many in Savannah and i think i toured everyone of the ones open to the public. drooled as i drove by the others. i like the first one best to... also would not want to take care of either unless i had tons of money to hire others to do it... it looks like the double steps go up to different doors, very odd
Oh my goodness Pam. So glad the middle grand on;y suffered a sprang. That ouches. And thankful the other grand climbing the walls didn't suffer from anything. LOL! Girl, I love me those Victorian houses too. Oh I would love to have lived in the days of the beautiful big plantations. Well, except I want to the one wearing the big dresses, that stayed inside with a fan. Ha! Love me a bon fire. I would rather have an outside fire than one in. Love all the pictures. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Jeanie said…
I get so panicked with kids on moveable toys (or Rick, for that matter!). What a time in your extended family's household. Love the houses and fire. I can relate to weather and joints with arthritis. I wish you well.
Sally said…
Now, those are some beautiful homes. I keep thinking I'd like to go back to Savannah to look there, and although I won't ever go I'm sure Charleston has some also.

Fire, not for me. The last one I went to though, was small and enjoyable. It was New Years Eve over in W FL with my bachelor (91 y/o) cousin and his girlfriend. :)

So happy you were able to go though, Pam. The photos are mesmerizing.

Christine said…
sorry to hear about the scooter accident. That is an amazing even scary bonfire.
Ann Thompson said…
I love both of those houses and would take either one of them.
That is some fire. I always enjoy watching them
carol l mckenna said…
Pam ~ Medical World has changed ~ it is a 'business' like anything else ~ I try to stay away from the medical world if I can help it ~ Great photos, though ~ Bonfire photos are awesome ~ Thanks for visiting my blog ~

Happy Week to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka, (A Creative Harbor)
Darla M Sands said…
I wish the best for him following this accident. There is something unique about boys, I think. Wish you were pain free. ~hugs~ I want to write in one of those towers. ~grin~ Our ranch house is rather dull, but... it's home. Wish you all the best, my dear!
I love Victorian homes as well, Pam. I agree they would be a lot to take care of! Hopefully your grandson will spend less time in the ER! I'm glad you attended the bonfire party. We have a chimnea that we make little fires in outside and we make s'mores with our grands. Have a nice evening. ♥
Angela said…
I love Victorian houses as well. Sorry about your Grandson's accident. I'm glad he wasn't hurt too badly. I constantly had accidents as a child (and sadly, still as an adult.)
baili said…
i liked this magnificent home you shared my friend!
i like all kinds of home where people can live with love peacefully :)

sorry for your grandkid ,hope he feels better soon.
in age like his kids often do such stunts and hurt themselves ,mine were not exception
magical pics of bonfire!!!

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