Yes...everyone needs to practice this...

I have not been out since Monday night.
It's Thursday and I so need to get out
Heading to the barn in a bit to help
clean stalls!

First I wanted to share this with you...
Found on Pinterest and thought 
it was just too cute.

And more on cats....or kittens.
Two of the barn cats playing
in the watering "bowl"...for the horses.

This is the friend one of the bunch...
he has allowed me to hold him.
Caught him just being cute.

We have taken on two new babes
at the barn.

Black is not the only male there
This is FedEx. 
He is all black except for the nose.

And this is Scout. 
Scout being male #3.
Scout is beautiful. Black with
white spots, course you can't
see them due to the blanket.

I have watched this house for years now
wondering what happens to have folks
move out and leave a house to just sit there.
Although the property is now for sale.
Since it is across from the police station and 
Library I am sure it will go as commercial 

Ever wonder if what is marked on an 
appliance is correct?

My coffee pot has 4 cups on it.
So does where you pour water.

But no...since a cup is actually 8 ounces...
then this is wrong. Mine says 4 but equals out
to only about 2.5 cups in real liquid.

Just throwing that out there since I 
had wondered! haha

Not only am I addicted to hot chocolate
this winter I am addicted to 
my sugarless popsicles.
I buy the Popsicle Brand.

Never had this happen before but it
happened twice in my last box!

I was shorted popsicles...two of my fav
taste was shorter than it should be.

haha....there again just throwing that out

Went out to feed last Monday since that
was my 
day to feed...
here I am at the barn.


Check out my wild them.

When I went to drop Debbie's gifts
off Monday I used the massage chair
in the office. 
I was having major spasms in my
back and this really helped. 
Neck to toes...30 mins.

 Tried out a place about 15 mins from the
house for dinner the other night.
Eagles Nest....
I loved the brussel sprouts.
Shredded and cooked in bacon 
grease with bacon mixed in.

Going to get out earlier than feed
time today to help clean stalls to....
haha....or so what my body will allow.
Thanks for stopping in,


Sandra said…
call the president, how dare they short you an inch off a popcicle. could be the RUSSIANS. brahahah.. i have wondered the cup thing to and now i will have to check mine, mine is 12 cups. the horses are beautiful. if the cat falls in the city water can it get out?
Sandee said…
Winter makes for cabin fever all too often. I get it here and we don't get snow. It's just cold.

Love the kitty with the antlers. That's a great capture.

Love your dinner. Looks fantastic.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Sandra said…
I am back, my 12 cup pot only makes 7.5 cups, it seems a cup of coffee is meant to be 6.625 oz per cup not 8 oz. thanks, NOW I KNOW TO
Darla M Sands said…
Awesome illusion with the pillow. And beautiful animals. You captured them very well, horse blanket and all. ~grin~ I had to go out for Tilly's pills Tuesday and realized I've been sequestering myself too much when a little social anxiety hit from happily staying in so much!

So, I'm rectifying that. Went swimming after stopping at the vets' office, lifted weights Monday and Wednesday, then met friends at Panera Bread this morning. Gonna keep pushing and return to the YMCA for swims and weight lifting the next three days. No excuse not to, darn it.

Those Brussels sprouts look and sound yummy. Meanwhile, I hope your body cooperates with your wishes and you feel okay tomorrow. ~hugs~ Thanks for all the chuckles and smiles.
Jeanie said…
Now THAT is the TOTAL classic cat photo! Good capture! (Love the pants!)
Esther the Wonder Pig?
Good way to live.
Christine said…
I try to avoid bacon grease but it must be yummy!
Ann Thompson said…
I hear ya on the cabin fever. I get out for work but not much else. Love the cat I front of the pillow. Saw that when you posted it on Facebook. Cracked me up
Billie Jo said…
Love those kitty cats!
I always had a cat growing up.
My very first word was Pepper...our cat's name!
Then we had Mittens and Chelsea.
Who turns out...was a Chester.
Anyway...have cozy evening. : )
NanaDiana said…
Love that first picture!!!! So comical. All great pictures, actually. I am so sorry you got shorted popsicles. Wonder who ate those cuz it looks like there was something attached to the sticks when they were processed. lol
I miss having a kitty. xo Diana
Liz A. said…
So sorry you've been cooped up. I hope you're able to get out a bit this coming weekend.

Love the cat pic. Fortuitous timing.
Sally said…
You brought back a memory the food pic; a long time ago we had wilted lettuce (or maybe it was cabbage) with bacon bits cooked in bacon grease. :)

Have a good weekend.
Cat pictures are the best. They're just so cute and funny.

I'm glad you're finally able to get out some. Is it supposed to warm up for you at all this weekend? We're supposed to be in the 50s. I can't wait!
Rhodesia said…
I could do with that chair, I would sit in it all the time :-)

Talk to me about cabbin fever. I am so sick of the house and Nigel is beside himself if I as much as go to the door. I feel so much better but the cough will not go away!!!!

Have a good weekend Diane

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