Upcoming Wedding

My daughter shared
some news with
me a couple weeks

her and her boyfriend
have decided to get 

We are looking at Fall 2018.

With this union I will 
acquire 4
more grandsons giving
me a total of 
7, yes you heard me...
7 grandsons in this one family!

There will be 
Caleb - Amber's 
Braden - Amber's
DJ - Amber's
Bradyen - Will's
Jess- Will's
Chandler - Will's
Namath - Will's. 

Thanks for shopping in, 


Rhodesia said…
I am a bit confused as to who is who, but lots more grandsons sounds good :-) Diane
Sandra said…
congratulations to them and to you for your family growing by leaps and bounds
Sally said…
How very wonderful, Pam. So happy for them, and you. :)

Such cute little boys!

Ann Thompson said…
Congratulations to your daughter and Will.
Sharon Qualls said…
Congrats! Gives you plenty of time to make things for the wedding party!
Jeanie said…
That's jolly good news. Congratulations to all!
Red Rose Alley said…
Congratulations, Pam, that's exciting news! A Fall wedding next year - I look forward to seeing the joyful event. That gives them lots of time to plan. Planning a wedding can be tiring for sure. I'm so happy for you, and I can't believe you have all those grandkids, that's wonderful. Autumn is such a special season for a wedding.

Liz A. said…
Congrats to your daughter.

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