Hodge Podge Sort of Post

Found this on FB...
Lily has yet to try this
but I would not be surprised
if she tried.

She did mess around in the
pantry yesterday when I was
cooking and left the door

Little Brat!

I showed the one room 
that I redid well I still have
a hall and two more rooms
to do. 
I have bought the flooring 
months ago. 
This is one room I will
need to redo.
Been this green for years 
and I actually have 
what I was thinking when
I painted it this color!

But anyway....my brother 
and sis in law
delivered this bed to 
the house today.

It belonged to Lori's
grandfather and she has
given it to me.
It is an antique metal bed, 
painted black.

I had the comforter, got it at 
Wally World years ago.

And look at this...it 
has a real spring 

 Took this pic the day before yesterday in 
my mom's driveway. 

Yep, it is starting.
I have noticed a lot of the 
leaves on the trees are
getting lighter.

I have been thinking FALL
for weeks now.
Today I took my pretty bright
purple nail polish off and
put my fall brown on!
Winter, it all comes off and
I let the nails breathe.

Been doing a bit of crafting.
Decided to play around with
some small pieces of material 
I have. 

I also picked up some "material"
at Goodwill the other day.
Actually the dark pumpkin is from 
a pillowcase for .99 cents. 
And I picked up a few more 
for the same price.

The yellow one has a cool pattern 
in it.

This is my first time to make 
material pumpkins. 
I think I will probably make some
more with the other colors.

I picked up this plastic
skull at the Dollar Tree
the other day and on 
I saw where they took
scrapbooking paper
and Mod Podge to apply
it to the skull...
Yep, you know I had to do it.

Before I started on it I dropped
it in the floor by 
Lily was not sure what 
to think of it.

Weather has been cooler so I decided to 
I wanted some chili.
Truth be told, I about froze
yesterday. Temps were cooler,
and the docs office, the
colon test area were 
Thought I would never get

Anyway, I made chili tonight.

Yes, that is corn in there.
Kidney beans, ground chuck
and I usually add white rice but
I left it out this time.
Made with tomato's my
sis in law and brother put up.
They put these up with peppers and
onions in it.
I added more onions, garlic,
two chili packs and I have
to also add more chili
powder. I like it warm!

BIG pot full...I will be
freezing a lot!
Have not learned to cook this
for just one. Plus, I only eat
a few bites since surgery!

A tad cloudy looking this 
evening but it was a beautiful day.

Yuck....found this guy or gal
sliding up the house 

The lady that ordered the commission
pieces from me has a daughter that
loves unicorns.
I had a 5x7 canvas just
sitting here and Emily's 
bday is the 12th of Oct.
so I decided to paint her this.


I will be meeting her mom on the 13th
here in Nashville to give her the stuff 
she ordered and somethings that I
was getting rid of that I asked her did
she want. So I will wrap Em's gift up
for mom to take to her. 

Since the weather has been nicer, cooler
for the past week, I leave the back door
open and Lily comes and goes onto the
screened deck. She loves it out there.

Today the fresh air wore her out.
I have told you before that she has
to be next to Dakota when she sleeps...
See Dakota's nose sticking out of the 

Prayers and thoughts going 
out to Fla. Scary what is 
about to hit them.
My younger brother
and sis in law was headed for
vacation tomorrow...
that is not happening 

But my older brother and sis in 
law Lori are headed to the
mountains to spend the week
with Lori's mom. They are
leaving out Sat. 
I will be there spending the
week house/bird/dog
sitting again. 

Taking paints with me I 
think.....going to try and stay

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sally said…
You've been busy! I so wish I had your talent, Pam. :)

Sharon Qualls said…
There is no telling what cats will do or how they get into the situations they do. I had one that would get on the top of the bi-fold closet doors and I had no idea how she got there without a jumping off place. Nice that Lily has an "outdoor" space to watch the world go by.

Recycling sheets and other large things from fabric is such a good idea. I like your pumpkins!
Rain said…
The chili looks great! I love your artwork and your cat is adorable. We often find tears in treat packages or kibble bags...we've taken to putting everything in a locked trunk!
Sandra said…
I am in full chicken little fret mode down here. thanks for the prayers. I saw a mouse made from fabric at the Y today and thought of you. my brother and I had cots just like this bed, smaller than this one, but exactly the same but brown painted metal, the cots were in a room just wide enough for a cot in either corner and to walk between them
Red Rose Alley said…
That is the funniest picture of the cat, Pam. She looks like a cat gymnast haha. The leaf picture is lovely. Yes, I can feel it coming too. Love your Fall brown toe nails. Those fabric hearts are sweet. I've seen those a lot in blog land. They must be easy to make. And you made the fabric pumpkins, they're cute! That skull is cool with the black and white design.

Happy September days, Pam.

Rhodesia said…
As always a really interesting post and your artistic talents never cease to amaze me. Love the unicorn. Have a good weekend Diane
Liz A. said…
Oooh, pillowcases. A long time ago I pinned (I think, I may have seen it on a sewing show) a way to take pillowcases and turn them into reusable bags. (In California, they have done away with plastic bags at the grocery store, so we must now bring our own.) I've been wanting to try that.
Ann Thompson said…
I kind of like that green on the walls. I saw those skulls in dollar tree, now I wish I would have bought one

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