Halloween Painted Clay Pot / Commissioned Piece Done

Since the weather was all
rainy and yucky here 
yesterday and I pulled
out the paints to work
on rocks....

I decided to keep going.
I had this clay pot I wanted
to paint on.
You can't really tell it
here but it is painted orange.

And this is how it looks now.

I painted one of these years ago
for my candy dish on my desk
and I thought I gave it away....
and I just realized that I did 
not, it is packed up with 
the other Halloween stuff.

But I also worked on the two
commissioned pieces.
Started out by painting
the clay pots red on this 

And here it is done.

The Halloween one Melissa
wanted in painted, I am just
letting the glass bowl dry where
I washed it and then I will
put it together. 

That is not all I have gotten done....
will most more later.


SO cute! Good for you getting ready for fall! It's been feeling very fall-like here but we are supposed to warm up tomorrow back into the 80's -- yay!! I love what you did with the other pots too! Great projects.
Sharon Qualls said…
Cute Halloween pot!
I like the pumpkin pot, Pam. I used to paint clay pots years ago. It's a fun project for a rainy day. ♥
Liz A. said…
Well, now you have a spare dish. I'm sure someone will have need of it ;)
Sandra said…
keep on crafting, I am loving seeing all your things. creative talent is YOU
Ann Thompson said…
These are great. I have a big clay pot that I painted years ago. Looks like candy corn
Rhodesia said…
Never see Halloween recognised here or when we lived in South Africa. Take care Diane
Red Rose Alley said…
That clay pot is so creative, Pam. I can see that you like Halloween decor. We used to have a pumpkin carving contest every year, but with Nel being in Georgia, it's kind of hard. I really miss it though.


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