How do you feel about your mailbox?
Do you feel like since it is an extended
part of your home that needs to have
personality also?

Well, I personally look at it as 
an empty canvas.
that should not surprise anyone.

As far as I have gotten with mine
is to plant flowers around
it in a flower bed made of  rocks.
But....I have plans for my mailbox.

I will not be going this far with
my mailbox but I totally love
that someone has showed their
personality this way.

This one looks like a tractor.

Found this one in Pigeon Forge TN 

This one is really interesting.

Another one from Pigeon Forge TN

This was at the front of a trailet
park....too cute.

A zebra minus a head.

Outside of a hair salon.

Air Mail.

This one has been around forever. it is up
the street from my mom. 
Love it. you show your personality 
through your mailbox?

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sandra said…
if you could see ours you would be emabarassed for us. it is a normal 10 dollar black box from Walmart and the box is leaning to the front so bad the mail slides out if the door is not closed. it looks like the two of us, old and decrepit. I like all of these you found and think it is a great idea. I like the water pump and the 3 sitting on tire rims. and the blue dog...
Darla M Sands said…
I miss the metal mailbox for which I could get magnetic covers. ~sigh~ Now we have one of the boring if sturdy plastic ones you see everywhere. It's beige. Ugh.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I so admire your weight loss progress and wish science could find a miracle cure for fibromyalgia. As for the movie my post referenced, it's "Ladyhawke", a beautiful and tragic story from 1985 in which two lovers are cursed.

The man, portrayed by the incomparable Rutger Hauer, turns into a wolf at night while his lady, the lovely Michelle Pfeiffer, transforms into a hawk by day. They have mere moments to spend together as man and woman at dawn and dusk.

Here's an article about it:

Seriously, I need to own this flick. For whatever reason, I never bought it.
Ann Thompson said…
There are some pretty clever mailboxes there. Ours is attached to the front of our house and it's a boring black
Sharon Qualls said…
I must say, I think I like that fish! Cool!
Rhodesia said…
Some great photos and ideas here. We just have a slot in our front door with a flap!!! Keep well Diane
Liz A. said…
Fun mailboxes. Alas, I live in a condo complex with a mail room and all I have is a small box in the wall of boxes for all the residents. No way to have fun with that mailbox.

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