Bright Colorful Doors

I am one of those drivers
that you really don't like
to get behind. I am always 
watching the road but my
eyes scan the area around 
me...for all sorts of things.
You know...that great photo op!

I have to admit, these did
not turn out to be that
great photo op but
I am loving the colors
on front doors that
I am seeing.

Cell phone pics with
evening sun setting so
pics are not the best.

I have found that teal
or shades of teal is a 
popping color on front
doors these days.

Another shade of teal.

And yest another shade.

Now what color of green would 
you call this?

This was another shade of green.
Sorry for the bad pic.

This was amazing....
pic is terrible. 
It's eggplant?

A dark bluish purple.

Got the sweetest thank you
card for my aunt Donna for 
the paintings I sent her.

And your thought for the day is....

Thank you for stopping in, 


Love the teal doors. I've seen quite a few of them myself. Love the quote you featured. So true! ♥
Sandra said…
it looks like teal green is The Color for Doors this year, Will have to pay attention to the doors when I am out, I never look unless I am stopped, our traffic is to dangerous. people don't want to be behind me because I always drive the posted speed limit which really irritates the public
Jeanie said…
If I don't run out of paint after I get the trim done, I'm hoping to paint my cottage door blue. I love bright doors (sometimes they work better than others, I admit). These are inspiring!
Debbie said…
a driver does NOT want to be behind us either!! i LOVE the quote at the end - i don't think i have ever read that!!!
Mildred said…
Hi Pam, I love to look at homes while driving around. Teal is the "in" color! We have a red front door.
How fun that you have heard of Alpharetta. My family goes back at least 5 generations there. It is amazing how the area has grown and thrived just in my lifetime. I currently live about 1 1/2 hours from there, my parents are buried at the cemetery across from this old high school.
Have a nice evening.
Ann said…
You found a lot of colorful doors. I actually thought of you and your door pictures when I was out earlier. As I was driving along I noticed that around these parts most people have boring white doors :)
Darla M Sands said…
I don't drive much over the speed limit normally and always slow down for school zones when appropriate. This really ticked off one soccer mom in particular with her kid in the car (!) while she cursed at me, honking and screaming when she blew past. Unbelievable. Anyway, that one curious pale shade you question reminds me of the ugly seventies era bike handed down to me in childhood. ~yeek~ Be safe!
Rhodesia said…
Interesting doors. Unless the road is totally clear I never stop so I miss so much!! Take care Diane
Sally said…
I love seeing different color doors! I painted our back door red, we like it mighty fine. LOL

Liz A. said…
Nice colors on the doors.
I like seeing the different colors on doors, especially the soft green ones.
We would make great traveling companions, I look at everything around me, it drives my husband bonkers :)

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