The Circle P Ranch

Love, Love, Love this...
and I think
they probably say this
about me now...
oh wait, I am old! haha

Yesterday I sent to the Circle
P Ranch that is fairly new in
my area, 10 mins from the house.

Love the General Store.

Fried Green Maters at
the Whistle Stop!

 Although I don't use a 
cast iron skillet this is
a cool idea.

Liz A - I thought of you
when I saw these!

The General Store is stocked with
items from the Amish 

There is a place to order food and
sit and enjoy. There is also a place
to order ice cream and cookies.

Looked so cute with 
vases of flowers sitting around.

Check out this amazing
heating stove. 
Built in 1901 and 
sold from Sears back
then for a 

But back in 1901 that
was a lot of money.

Too cool.

Something about this pic
just called to me.

Things that were sitting
around on the front 
porch of the General Store.

So love the wreath of
barbwire and silk flowers.

The pattern in a
rocking chair.

I love old cars. 

But I love old trucks
even more.

The guy with the truck
was selling cabbage.

This was another
area of the ranch.

Check out the walk 
way lined with cabbage.

Just loved this
place. There is a small building
off to the side for weddings.
The top of the General Store
has a meeting place for
special events. 

There is a lot of room to grow
and expand and I see
big things coming for
this place.

And as you drive off
here is you view in 
one way as you go out.

As you come in you cross 
over the creek under
a covered bridge
(oops, no pic)

Liz A...I thought
of you again
when I saw this.

Now for serious matter.
The world lost a great
actor yesterday.
Adam West
AKA Batman.
He was 88 yrs old. 

Today I am grabbing
my camera and 
heading out to
visit my niece.
Pics and story 

Thanks for stopping in, 


S. J. Qualls said…
The country store looks to be a very interesting place to browse! Love that old stove!
Sandra said…
I love every single thing in every single photo. I would LOVE to wander there. inside and outside... that stove cost about a month or more pay back then. my favorite two photos are the door part opened with the curtain and the water cistern with vines on it
What a neat place, Pam! I love all the old things. The cabbage lined walkway is darling. I'm sure you have fun looking around. ♥
Red Rose Alley said…
Wow, look at all those products from the Amish community. I've always wanted to visit Amish country. I heard it was peaceful scenery. This little general store looks so charming, I'd love browsing through. I can see why there are weddings there also because the surroundings are charming as well. That is a cool heating stove. wow, $26.00 back in the day. I wonder what it sells for now? Have a fun time today with your niece taking pictures, Pam.


ps that's great that you still have three close friends who live in the area and not too far from you. I hardly ever saw my friend when she lived in Colorado, but now that she's in California, I hope to see her often.
Ann Thompson said…
That's my kind of place. I would love to go there. Sad about Adam West
Rhodesia said…
Wow I love this post and what beautiful photos you have taken. I love the food that comes from the Amish community and you know that it will be free from all the terrible sprays that farmers use nowadays. Luckily we grow our own veggies as organic food here is quite expensive. Take care Diane
Darla M Sands said…
Very nice photos! I can't even pick a favorite. ~grin~ RIP Mr. West.
Cathy Kennedy said…

What a charming old store! I would love to photograph this place. It's full of character and interesting articles. How sad, I didn't hear the news of Adam West passing this weekend. Have fototastic week, my friend!
Denise inVA said…
This is a fun and interesting post Pam, so much to see and do there. I enjoyed each photo. Sad about Adam West. My son got to meet him briefly at the San Diego ComiCon a few years ago. In fact, when he heard of his passing he wrote a really sweet tribute on his Facebook account.
Debbie said…
so many things i loved - too many to remember. LOVED the first quote, i am old too but not fun enough for anyone to say that about me!!!

that is weird looking cabbage!!!
Liz A. said…
I never thought to crochet an iron skillet handle cover. Of course, I don't have an iron skillet (that might be why).

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