Free Art Movement - Nashville

I have not done a Free
Art Movement Drop 
Off in a while so I 
decided to do it yesterday. 

This is the piece I 
would dropped. 

When you drop you take
a pic of the art, surrounding
area you drop it and then 
it in that area.
Those are the up coming

I posted those pics on the
Free Art Movement Facebook
page. I always include
a note with the art asking that
they go to that FB page
and leave a pic of them
with the art.

Last night this was
posted to that 
FB page!

So cute!

I love spreading art!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sandra said…
she is adorable and it is perfect for her she looks really happy with it. what a great idea. and I assume it could be anything, not just paintings? I love that idea
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, I've never heard of this before, how delightful. Your art work is bright and cheerful and perfect for the summer days coming up.

Enjoy the weekend, Pam.

Ann Thompson said…
What a fun thing to do and a nice surprise for the ones who find them
S. J. Qualls said…
Interesting idea.
Mildred said…
That is great!
Denise inVA said…
I have never heard of this before. A great idea and I can see its recipient is very happy about it. She is adorable!
I love this idea, Pam. Spreading joy is a wonderful thing to do. ♥
Debbie said…
i have never heard of this but what a wonderful idea!!!
Rhodesia said…
Sounds like a good idea but I am not a fan of modern type art, just my choice. It is good not everyone has the same tastes. Looks like you have a fan there though who loves the painting. Diane
Liz A. said…
Totally cool that you got to find out who ended up with it.

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