HAHA....uploaded these pics
by cell phone to the blog
and then while they were loading
I just went off and forgot all 
about them.....

Hours later here I am to tell
you about them.

When I first had my surgery...
by the way, 60lbs gone!
I had to drink protein shakes.
These are the containers the
powder came in. I washed them
out and saved them....
for what, any ones guess!

So the issue has come into to play
of cleaning out litter boxes.
Yes, two, one upstairs and one

I kept scooping it up and putting
in plastic bags to throw out but
I thought it was such a waste
to clean the box out and use
a bag once. So I needed something
I could dump it in, with a lid that
would seal any smell, up till that was
full then throw it out.

The containers will be used
for that....for now.

But the sides were sticky where I pulled
off the label.
So I pulled out the contact paper.

Trying to wrap it around the container became
and issue so I just cut it up in pieces
and stuck it all on there. 

Did the lid the same way.

Then I put a plastic bag in there, screwed the lid
on and I am ready for the next cleaning. When
filled, I will pull bag and all out and thrash it. 

Tonight I sat and watched Lily entertain herself
playing with a paper bag that came from 
Cracker Barrel.....running in and out and 
being so silly....Silly Lily!

Thanks for stopping in,


Ann said…
And that is why it's so hard to throw things out. You never know when they are going to come in I like they way you covered the container. It looks pretty cool that way. Good idea too
Darla M Sands said…
Brilliant! And if I'd read sooner I would have known you are a fabulous cat mommy. Dakota and Lily are very blessed. Be well!
Sandra said…
very creative, we have a few that look like this, a friend had children and some drink came in them. bob was doing a lot of wade fishing back then, 20 years ago, she saved them for us and he tied rope around them and used them to float and carry things in while he walked.
Sandra said…
I now use 3 of them to hold cotton balls and other things in the medicine closet
Rhodesia said…
I hate throwing things out!!!!!! Diane
Liz A. said…
Contact paper! That's what it's called. (I've been trying to think of the name because I need to locate something for a project I have in mind...)

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