Yesterdays Walk Through the Yard

Maple Trees anyone?
I have my share growing
all over the yard. But...if
you look really hard
you will see small little
bitty plants coming up.

Plus my Lambs Ear is in

I am really happy to see if this is what
I hope it is. A Four O'clock plant.
Two years ago when I was in
Calif. I saw some Four O'clock
seeds on the sidewalk in front of
my sons home. Did not get them
planted last yr but.....we will see!

Gotta do something about this mess.

Finally seeds coming up.

This is the garden around
the mailbox that I
expanded. The
first part is really full.

This guy flew up from
the creek and did a
little shaking of the feathers
after is bath.

The dark green plant coming
up is my Egyptain Bean plant.
Pretty purple flowers that will
produce some bean like seeds for
next year. Spearmint has really
taken off..

Peek a Boo

I just love this Spiderwort plant.
Not sure why it is called that but...
its pretty and purple!

Every garden needs a guard lizard! Hydrangea is about
to bust out in bloom.


In need of making some more of
these. I love it hanging in the tree.

The creek was moving good
yesterday due to the rain
the night before. It is always
fun to look at it after a rain, always
new bricks and rocks have
washed down.

Thank you for stopping in,


Rhodesia said…
Your garden looks delightful and I am sure that you enjoy it as much as I enjoy ours. Hope your weekend is a good one. Diane
S. J. Qualls said…
Such lovely plants and flowers! (Well, maybe not the poison ivy) It must be nice to have a creek close at hand. :-)
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, thank you for following us, I appreciate that so much. I've always loved the maple trees. You have a lot of different plants and flowers around your home. The Egyptian bean plant is interesting. And I love the beads hanging from the tree. You made those, very creative?

Happy Mother's Day, friend. Have a nice and restful weekend.

Sandra said…
beautiful yard and one I would love. I see that bright spot of red way up in the tree. we have tiny trees coming up in our yard to. I was going to pull them up and toss and bob said know, I want to put them in a bucket. WHY????
Ann Thompson said…
With all the little trees I have growing all over my yard I could start a tree farm. Whatever that is hanging in your tree, I like it. Tell us more about it
Sally said…
Don't you just love watching the seeds beginning their journey!

And, I like seeing all your green; if it doesn't rain soon we're gonna lose all the grass, but at least no wildfires around here yet.

Hope you have blessed and Happy Mother's Day, Pam!
sage and spirit said…
Love your yard! We have water restrictions here and it's harder than heck to grow anything.
The beads hanging in the tree are great too!
Liz A. said…
Looks like you had a nice little meander.
You have lovely plants in your garden, Pam. The beaded mobile is so pretty in your tree. Beware of the poison ivy climbing the tree. I was never allergic to it until a couple years ago! I didn't even know I was in it--had a awful time. Have a Happy Mother's Day. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
I covet your stream. ~sigh~ Lovely photos!
Jeanie said…
Yes, gardens are a load of work. But oh, so worth it. And yours will be perfection!

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