Purses/Dumping/Watermelon and Pets

Good evening all.

You guys have been visiting
me enough to know that
Today while surfing on
that site I found these

Love them......but my thoughts
are, the one thing I do not
like about PINTEREST is
when folks post things
on there with NO directions
to make it.
Yep, these were bloggers that
showed what they made but
no pattern or
Okay....off my soap box now.

With the visit to the doc yesterday
on the weight loss I
was given directions on
food I could and could not
add to my food intake.

Syrup being one you should not
have. But what was a wanting
so back this morning?

A waffle!
Well the only way I have ever
eaten a waffle is with syrup.
I endured what the weight
loss clinic calls

All of a sudden I broke out in
a sweat, a headache appeared,
I was sick at my stomach and
I was so dizzy it was unreal.

I knew what had happened.
A MISTAKE I will not make

But with the added things to the
food list...I can have the one
thing I was not sure
I could do without
this summer.


I mentioned on FB about being able
to have watermelon yet failed to
tell me my mom.
I get a call later, my mom talked
with her sister...
My sweet aunt Martha who mentioned
that she saw I could have it.

This morning, my mom delivered some
to me! haha
She knew that I would eat all
I could if she brought a big
thing of it so she brought
a small container she got
at Kroger!

Thanks Martha and

I can also, in limits have

Dinner tonight was
steak! A 6oz and I brought home
about 4 ozs. Took a few bites
of my salad and a few of
my sweet tater
(nothing on it).
The rest came home with

After dinner my friend
Theresa had to get cat food
and Petco is right new

I went over to see the cats.
Look at this adorable baby.
He/she was peeking out
at me.

Then I went to see the fish.
Not sure what these are
other then bottom feeders..

My fav.
When I had tanks of fish I
always had Neon Tetras.

Ferret looking out at me.

The birds.

Dakota wanted me to thank you
all that commented on him not
feeling well.
He has been on Benadryl the
last two days and he is
doing a lot better.
He has more allergies then I

Thanks for stopping in for a visit,


Denise inVA said…
Happy to hear Dakota is doing better, sweet puppy. I think instructions should always be included. I am putting watermelon on my shopping list. Real cute how the word got out and your mom turned up with some :) Dinner sounded great and the photos from the pet store were adorable.
Rhodesia said…
I love water melon, one of my all time favourites.

Glad to hear Dakota is doing well, good news.

I used to have a ferret when i lived in Rhodesia, it was like a dog and followed me everywhere and lived totally free around the house and garden.

Take care Diane
Sandra said…
glad Dakota is better, and those purses are really cute. you would not want one made from my jeans, it could carry a washer/dryer. LOL... the steak looks yummy and guess what watermelon does to me, started last year.. 2 small pieces causes the same thing the syrup did to you. I have eaten watermelon all summer for 72 years so what is up with that. can you have honey on the waffle? or is that bad to
Darla M Sands said…
So glad for benadryl, getting to have watermelon, and loving family! Those bottom feeders are called ghost shrimp, by the way. ~grin~ So sorry about the 'dumping'. That sounds awful. I had no idea cause and affect was so direct. Be well!
Sally said…
Watermelon - I remember when two of my cousins and I snatched one out of a field. I just knew we'd get caught, and go to jail. They told me they did it all the time. We were about 6, 6 and 9. It was good!

I'm glad Dakota is better!

Only after reading some of your posts, I decided to check out Pinterest. Yep, so many don't have directions. I can't sew anyway. :)

Debbie said…
i really commend you on your dedication to your weight loss - i am lazy and just could not do what you are doing!!!

great news on dakota!!!!

oooooh and i know what you mean about pinterest but you could easily copy that purse idea!!!
Robert Bennett said…
I'm so bothered by that purse. I can't decide if I like it or not.

Liz A. said…
The least someone could do when they make something is to either post directions or give a link where they found directions. I try to pin things with directions, especially if it's something I want to make eventually.

Watermelon... Never been a fan. You can have my share.
Red Rose Alley said…
Those are the cutest jean tote bags. I seldom use a purse anymore, just carry my wallet everywhere haha. So sorry you had a bad reaction when you ate the syrup. Syrup has lots of sugar, which I have to watch, so most of the time I put jam on my pancakes or waffles. It tastes good, and I'm wondering if you can have that instead? I love watermelon, it's the best! Poor Dakota, I hope he feels better soon.


by the way, Pam, I think that's a creative idea to collect rocks and paint on them
where you got them from and enjoy them in the garden, very clever. Rocks and keys are a great collection to have, and I used to collect keys as well.
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, I noticed you collect key rings, not keys. I used to collect old rusty keys. The key rings are a fun thing to collect because you can find so many different ones. I have one with a Greek flag. : )
Anonymous said…
I love Pinterest but there are a few rhings about it that I find annoying. I made one of tjose pursesfrom jeans a long time ago. Not sure what ever happened to it though
I LOVE watermelon!!!!!!!
Don't carry a purse, nor do I peruse pinterest...lol
I can't eat sugar...I'm allergic so I put butter and then fruit or a little no sugar fruit spread on a pancake or waffle. I still can't eat much but it's GOOD! I spent some time updating my Pinterest boards this week! What a chore! And then I got distracted....heehee! Hugs!

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