Holly's Graduation Party

Tomorrow I will be
a graduation party
for my niece Holly.

Mom came up with the idea
of having boards showing
Holly's pics.

So I worked on these today.

I decided to make her
card so I will work on that
I will also have the
camera charged and
ready to go.
I have always been
From prom pics
to Halloween
party pics..
and I will make her
a album from graduation
to the party.

Update on the finger.
Yes, I posted it on
facebook and everyone
was really concerned.
All telling me to see the
doc. Problem is, that
apt is made and I can't make
them see me any sooner
than June .

This is the pic I posted on fb
and on one of my post here.
I am sparing you what
it now looks like.
It is bigger. I have
to keep bandaged up
all the time.
June 1 can' t get here
fast enough.

A friend saw the pic of
facebook and said
that it is not a normal
blood blister,
it is what he called
a blood wart.
Reading up on that I
found that it is a wart that
fills with blood.

I do know that it did
start as a blood blister
but it just gets worse and worse.
Still hoping I have a finger
when I go to the doc.

With that said, this is 3 months after
surgery and I was able to
add other veggies to my
eating list!
dinner tonight!

Thanks again for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
Enjoy your niece's graduation party!
If that thing hurts, can't you go to one of those quick clinics? Looks painful.
Ann said…
Your niece is going to love those. Hope she has a great time at her party.
I was thinking the same thing as S.J was, maybe go to the nearest emergency room for the finger
Mildred said…
I wonder, too, if you could just have a clinic to look at your finger and possibly give you some relief.
All the best to your niece!
Sandra said…
I hope it doesn't hurt as much as it looks like it does in the photos. hurry up and wait is the doc office thing now for everything. the boards are a great idea and you have so many beautiful photos of her to share.
Cat Lover said…
Hope all went well with Holly's graduation!
Your finger does look sore. We have the same trouble getting doctor's appointments, it usually takes a few weeks.
Have a good week.
Darla M Sands said…
I'm with Ms. Qualls. ~hugs~ Take care and have fun!
Debbie said…
enjoy that party, your boards came out beautifully!!!
Rhodesia said…
That finger looks very painful!! Hope the graduation goes well. Diane
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, the picture board is perfect for Holly's graduation party. And how special is that that you get to take all the pictures at her events. I do hope you get the proper treatment for that boil. Take care, my friend.

Red Rose Alley said…
oooops, I meant blister.

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