Out and About Among the Flowers and Critters

  I am trying to stay busy, pain or not I
have things to do. Last night, another
sleepless night but at 4:30 I fell off to
sleep to wake around 8.

So early this morn I was out doing
my daily walk around the yard to see
what changed over night...haha

So proud of my iris. Love the two tone
colors. Thanks to Theresa AKA T for

Took this at the entrance of
my brothers house.

The beavers have damned up the
run off on my brothers lake so
the water is up but the wild weed
flowers are looking good.

Headed out to visit with my sis in law,
Lori while my brother did some
cutting on the tractor till he got it
stuck in the mud.

Great visit with Lori and thanks
to Ray for sending me home with
an already potted tomato plant.

Did a bit of sneak peeking out the
front door on this guy as he
tried to clean out the bird feeder!

There are always turtles (hey, its my T for
turtles day again)....haha
sunning on downed trees on my brothers
lake but when I drove by on my way
to the house I saw this BIG boy.

This guy was looking at me as I
drove out the driveway.

Well look at this...looks like a birdie might have
decided to maybe move into the
condo! Need to keep an eye on this to see
what takes place!

Love this shot. My brothers windmill.

I am having some doors changed out in the
house and I have wanted to change out
the knobs also. I saw these
at the antique store the other day and
decided to go back and get them.
I will change my knobs out one at
a time. I wanted the glass ones I saw
but I just could not pay 25 for one set.

And look what I got in the mail today!
Life is just really getting started
for you Holly!
I will be there to support you on
this special day.

Holly is my niece, only child of my youngest
brother. She is a special young woman.
Smart, a go getter, give her anything and
she can do it well....very well loved!
Proud of her!!

I sent her a video of me talking to her
yesterday via text. I just told her how
proud I was of her and that the crap
was getting real now...
She just laughs at her aunt when
I do those things.

Thanks for stopping in,


Mildred said…
Congrats to Holly.
I enjoyed your pictures. Your irises are so pretty.
I hope maybe soon you can get a good night's rest.
S. J. Qualls said…
Such pretty iris. I like the two-tone.
Blooming everywhere, ah, the fresh pollen in the air!
I used to like the glass knobs, but I read somewhere that they were a problem in a fire. Not sure why.
Rhodesia said…
That two tone iris is beautiful no wounder you love it. Another great post Diane
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed your photos story today so much to take pictures of so little time. You are my kind of photographer snap whatever is in front of you. Congratulations to your niece.
Darla M Sands said…
I'm with Mildred. Heck, just this morning in my Julia Cameron inspired 'morning pages' I wrote about all you do despite the pain. I took a second naproxin sodium tablet this morning for measely cramps! As for the glass knobs in a fire, perhaps the issue is heat conduction, making them too hot to turn and make escape. ??? Take care!
Jeanie said…
You irises are great. I love that flower -- it reminds me of my Aunt Iris. I don't have many but can't wait till they bloom!
So sorry you are having sleep issues. Same here. Lovely photos of your neck of the woods. Have a great weekend. ♥
Sally said…
You always post interesting photos, Pam. I used to post photos, but this newer computer? Can't upload. I need to take the older one in so they can fix things.

I love the iris, such a beautiful color.

Hoping you got better sleep last night. xoxo
Ann Thompson said…
Those iris are prettty. Can't wait for mine to bloom. Congrats to your niece
Al said…
Such pretty flowers. You fell asleep right around when I was getting up for work! (I live at 7,100 feet elevation in Colorado, which is why we're still getting snow to post on my blog - we may get a big snowstorm this weekend...)
sage and spirit said…
Everything is so green out there in Tennessee! Love the irises and especially love the old doorknobs! We had the old glass ones in our house when I was a kid!
Hope your fibro pain recedes....wishing you good, pain-free days.
Cat Lover said…
Hi Pam , gorgeous iris! Love the two tone. Growing up my parents had ones in the same colours.
Great photos at your brothers home. Very kind of him to give you a tomato plant!
Take care and I hope you pain lessens.
Red Rose Alley said…
Your Iris' are beautiful, Pam. Such a striking color, love that. Oh, those mischievous squirrels. I see them around here all the time, and although I love taking pictures of them, they scare me a bit. These are lovely pictures today.


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