Alphabet Challenge - N - Nashville TN

Todays letter is the

And N is for Nashville

This pic
 is older.
I took it before digital.

Andrew Jackson Bldg.
Worked in the basement
of this bldg. for 21 years!

Batman Bldg.

The Capital Bldg.

I sure like older bldgs. better
then these newer ones.

Union Station

Another of the Batman Bldg.

Tn. Towers.
worked on the 23rd floor
and the 2nd floor of this

Andrew Jackson Bldg. again.

Sorry, I have so many more shots
of Nashville but it requires
me digging through files....

Unless you would like to
see what Nashville looked
like 19 yrs ago yesterday when
the tornados of 1998 came through.

I was limited on areas I could go
and these are scanned
photos of film shots.

The bank bldg.

TPAC performing arts bldg.

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
I like Union Station, but the Batman building seems to be the one that identifies Nashville now.
Sandra said…
that batman building is pretty awesome.... I have books and books of photos from before digital in 2002...
Sally said…
It became a real dream of mine to visit Nashville one day. We'd lived, it seemed like, everywhere else in my dad's career, But, of course, the one time I did go it rained the whole time. My cousin took us on a nice road trip around there, though. And, someday I want to go back. Thanks for sharing, Pam!
Cat Lover said…
Hi Pam, great shots of Nashville.
Have a good week!
I enjoyed it all...from historic to modern. And so beautiful.
You worked at one job for 21 years? That is amazing. Back in the days when an employee was loyal to everything work stood for!!
Debbie said…
Awesome images for N!! I always prefer old architecture to new!!
Ann said…
The Batman building is pretty cool looking. I do prefer older architecture to newer. I love the looks of old buildings
Cathy Kennedy said…

Howdy neighbor! We may not actually live in the same city but we are only separated by a couple hundred miles with me in Knoxville. :) On occasion, we'll visit Nashville. I guess the last time we were there was either late 2015 or early 2016. My memory is fuzzy. I want to go back to photograph some of these same buildings and to do a little exploring. No doubt, DH will want to hit all the new doughnut shops in town. He's a doughnut maniac! Thanks for stopping by today for Art Sketching Through the Alphabet "N" (Nightingale) and I hope you'll decide to join me again tomorrow! Happy a2zing!
Al said…
Nice shots - I enjoyed my visit to your fine city.
sage and spirit said…
I'm like you....I like the older buildings. They have so much more character than modern buildings.
Liz A. said…
Batman building?
Darla M Sands said…
I figured out the Batman building with second photo. Clever. I bet all Nashville natives call it that.
Hi! I like older building also. They seem to have more character. You must like history. My husband does. He is doing u-tube videos of Pt. Huron, Michigan where we use to live before moving to Indiana. Nancy

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