Alphabet Challenge J - Jugs and Jars

Todays letter
is the

and for J I am
posting pics of

Wonder if this
used to hold

My brother found these while
out hiking around his home.

Thanks for stopping in,


Cat Lover said…
Hi Pam, love all your old jugs and jars. I have quite a few around my house too.
Enjoy your day!
Nancy Chan said…
You have found some good looking jugs and jars. Hope you will find them useful. Have a great day!
S. J. Qualls said…
Cool jugs! Mine were put in the garage ... never to be seen again. I wonder exactly what they kept in those crockery jugs.
Darla M Sands said…
Nice pictures!
Sandra said…
I had a large bottle collection, but now only have 12 left. I kept the really old and the ones I love. they live on shelves in the bedroom. love that big brown jug and the oil jugs at the bottom
Debbie said…
i like old jugs and jars - i don't buy/keep them any more because i need less stuff, not more. i like the "moonshine" one, my mind also wonders like that!!!
Sally said…
I sure love old bottles and jugs!
You've got a nice collection.

Pam, love the jars and jugs. YEP, bet it held some moonshine! LOL! I have an old jug that we used to carry with us when our family would go to Franklin NC with our kids many years ago. There was a fresh spring along the way and my girls always wanted to stop and get water from the Spring in the jug. We called it our Mountain Jug! Happy Easter. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Granny Marigold said…
Hi Pam, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

That's quite a collection of old jars and jugs. I have only one similar one and the words on the side are Hudson's Bay Co.
Don't know what they would have stored in it.
Rhodesia said…
I love old bottles and jars. Cheers Diane
Ann said…
I like all the assorted jars. There are some interesting shaped ones there. That does look like like a moonshine jug at the Reminds me of that old song and the line Ha, ha, ha, you and me, Little brown jug, don't I love thee!
Hi Pam. Love all the "j" items. Old glass is so pretty and you have a great collection. We dug where the outhouse used to be (our house was built in 1879) and found a few, not as many as I thought though. We found a lot of bits and pieces of china dishes, etc. One day I might do something with them. Have a wonderful Easter and thank you for the visit..Happy Wednesday..Judy
Liz A. said…
Great images.
sage and spirit said…
You've found my weakness....I love old jugs and jars and bottles! I find them out hiking and can't resist bringing them home.

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