Alphabet Challenge H - Horses

 Todays alphabet challenge
is the H.
I picked horses.


First pi I am showing today
is my baby girl
I took this pic several
years ago.
Isn't she stunning?

Wished I could share all the
names of these horses
with you but some of
the pics were taken at
the farm where Misfire lives
and those horses come and go.
And some were taken
when I stopped along side
of the road!

This little girl I do know. She was
born on St. Patty's day about 3 yrs ago.
Her name is Clover.

The baby below was out in the
pasture with Clover, born a tad
early then her.
He is Joker.

One of my side of the road shots.

This one was also a horse
that my brother had.
This is Jack.
Jack lied to see 32 years.
When he past Misfire was alone
that is when we moved her
to my friends place so she
could be with other horses.

I do remember taking the photo
below several years ago.
I pulled over on the way
to my brothers place and there
this one stood in the pasture.
I got out and here he came.
Totally beautiful.

This bunch was taken at my
friends house.

As well as this one. Loved this
shot with the Chick Chick in it.
Chick Chick did not make it
that summer, the coyotes around
the area got her.

I love it when the young horses
in the pasture are
wanting to check Dakota out!
He has been around horses off and
on forever and he is not afraid....
unless they are coming at him.

I just have to laugh.

And he really likes it
best if there is a fence between
the horse and him. haha

Last but not least.
Below is a pic I took of
my niece Paige and her
amazing award winning horse,

Paige is heartbroken because just
two weeks ago Cat fell and they
had to put him down.
Paige had Cat for 20 years and showed
him out west and Canada before
retiring him and bringing him
home to Tennessee.

Paige loved Cat so much that
she actually had Cat in her wedding
1.5 years ago.

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
Lots of pretty horses!
Betsy Adams said…
Well---I've heard of one having their dog at their wedding --but not their horse. I'm sure that it was extremely hard for Paige when Cat had to be put down... SAD!!!

Love your horses. I've only been on a horse one time in my life--when I was a teen!!!!! But --I do love horses.

I still miss my horse....Lucky.
And I think it's awesome that Cat was part of her wedding!!
Al said…
Beautiful horses - I've never ridden one. That's sad about Cat.
sage and spirit said…
Horses are such gentle and sensitive animals. They are truly God's gift to us.
My heart goes out to your niece.
Liz A. said…
Wow, you're sure around a lot of horses.
Rue said…
All horses are beautiful. It makes me miss riding.

As big NASCAR fans, my whole family knows who Chase, your nephew is. You must be really proud. His son is adorable :)

Congratulations on your weight loss! You're doing really well!

Rue said…
Oh! And I forgot to answer your question about petting the pups.... Yes, they love getting any kind of attention :)
Darla M Sands said…
That's so sad about Cat. When we were in Alaska years ago a friendly horse stuck its head in my passenger car window to say hello. Male or female, I'm not sure. We didn't get out as we had pulled over on the side of a road.
Sandra said…
gorgesous horses, all of them, my favorites are clover and her young friend.
Sandra said…
how could I forget, I am so sorry to hear about Cat, that has to be devastating to her
Rhodesia said…
Wow Misfire is stunning, what a beautiful horse. I miss not having horses any more but my back is not in a state to ride any more sadly. So sorry about Cat, I know that feeling only too well, it is horrible. Keep well Diane
Jeanie said…
I love your "H" horse -- very cute. And all the photos are wonderful. But oh, poor dear Cat.

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