The Photographer and The President


Years ago, many, many
years ago I went to work
at the Hermitage, Home
of President Andrew Jackson.
I was 17 years old and
I worked in the gift
shop. I worked there that
summer and the two summers after.
When I graduated from high school
I went to work full time for the
state of TN. but
I continued to work
at the Hermitage on
the weekends.

I met a lot of great people
while working there.
My boyfriend at the time
worked there also.

I worked with his mom
in the gift shop.

But there were a lot
of young folks that worked
in the house.

Larry McCormack
was one of the great
guys I met then.
We had another connection,
he also went to the same
school I did although
he was a yr or two older.

Life came.
We all became working
adults and
went different ways in
life, even my boyfriend and
I after being together for 2.5
years. His name was Larry also.

I never saw Larry McComack
again. Somehow we reconnected
on Facebook all these years later.
Although, I knew what Larry
was up to for all those years.
He became a writer and
photographer for the
Nashville TN newspaper.

Anyway, Larry shared this on
facebook the other day
when Trump came to town.

Funny thing is there are more
connections to Larry and I.
I noticed once that several
photographers I know
had Larry as friends on FB.
One of my best was
Theresa. I asked how
she knew him and was
informed that although most
photographers around here
know each other or have
worked along side each other
Theresa also knew Larry
from Western Ky (College).
Small World!!!

Life is interesting for
sure and as I get older I
do find that it can be
a small world.

Awesome job Larry!

Thanks for stopping in,


Sandra said…
it always amazes me how small our world is when i read stories like this one
Larry said…
It is fun to connect after all those years. Great job Pam.
Denise inVA said…
What beautiful surroundings to work in. I once worked with the local government when I was 20, in a most beautiful old mansion. It was like working in a museum and I could not get enough of the art work and the antiques I was surrounded with. The world is getting smaller :) How neat to reconnect with old friends.
Liz A. said…
It can be such a small world...
Darla M Sands said…
I adore that photo of you two all dressed up.
Great post Pam. I toured that home also many years ago. Love going to Presidential homes and seeing how they lived.

Have a great weekend,


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