Photos of the Day - Front of the Shed

In 2015 I decided that the shed
was a perfect canvas!!


S. J. Qualls said…
Nice! It almost makes me want to go out and paint my shed ... almost.
Dewena said…
Hello Pam, I'm so glad you liked my old red and white dinette set! I like your artwork on your shed. It reminds me of seeing where Dee Hardie, years ago, painted sheep on their barn. And I see on your previous post that you had snow this morning too. I was so excited to see it, took pictures and smelled the fresh air, but I was kind of glad to see it melt later. I think we may get more tonight. But then I remember getting snow in very late March in the past in Nashville. At least it couldn't last too long.

Nice to meet you!
Sandra said…
Darla M Sands said…
You are so talented. It's awesome!

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