Chritmas Ornament 2017 - Kim

For those that might have
just started following
me, I am working on
making Christmas
ornaments for my

I did this for about 10
years and I stopped about
10 years ago. I was
putting way too much
time in on them but
now being retired I think
I can spare the time!

This is my 4th one in the
last week.

It is for my sis in law,

She loves her kitty's.

So I thought this was perfect for her.

Thanks for stopping in,


Mildred said…
Kim will love this. I am a cat lover, too. We have 5 rescue cats and one is solid black!
While it might seem "early" it's really not when making hand made items because this way you will not have a "last minute" rush. And, the kitty will be appreciated I'm sure, even more so because it was made especially for her.
Sandra said…
Is perfect for the kitty lover and you are so talented
Liz A. said…
I think this is my favorite one so far.

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