Info About Rat Terriers - Dakota

Members of the Rat Terrier dog breed are adorable 

little digging escape artists who are true terriers

feisty, - Yes, Dakota used to be feistier than he is 

now. Age has slowed him down.

funny - I told you that Dakota kept me laughing all 

the time!  energetic lively, vermin-chasing, and 

incapable of being boring- This pretty much sums 

him up for sure!! Stubborn as all get out, OH YES! 

Dakota is very stubborn.........

they are not big on pleasing people - that pretty 

much sums him on for sure. He is all about him!

but the people who love them laugh all the time-

hahahaha. The Rat Terrier is 

the ideal farm dog that he was always intended to 

be. President Theodore Roosevelt is said to have 

given the breed its name after his own terrier had 

eradicated the rat infestation at the White House; 

clearly, the Rat Terrier excels as a public servant — 

as long as it's in his own best interest. He's an 

American tradition just like apple pie, but watch your 

plate or you may find you're missing dessert.

Today's Rat Terrier is an intelligent, active little dog that is cherished both for pest control and as a family pet. Very intelligent.

The first time I ever read up on Rat Terriers I laughed all the way through the article. It was like they were talking about Dakota and no other dog.

He grunts to talk to me. He goes in the kitchen and just stands, if he don't return soon I know he is either out of water or food. I wait long enough and he will come to the living room door and look at me. If he decides it is time for a treat, he will come and stand in front of me and just look at me till I ask does he want a treat....then he goes crazy jumping up and down begging.

If I am getting ready to go somewhere he watches me and runs around in circles thinking he is going. I will tell him that he can't go, he hangs his head and slowly walks up the stairs. He will take a couple of steps and look back, then a couple more and looks back again.

When we get home in the evening he has gotten where he don't want to get out of the car....
Cause some nights I will put him in the house and go out to eat. He pouts worse than a scolded child. 
But he thinks if I keep him in the car that he will get to go. 

He is my mess....
and I love him.

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Rue said…
Your posts about Dakota are so cute, Pam. I think it's funny that rat terriers are so much like chihuahuas. My Bubba has a lot of the same traits :)

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