Dakota - Rat Terrier - The Hunter

Rat Terriers were
bread for hunting
rodents on the farm.
Wow....Dakota you have come
a long way since the
From a farm boy heritage
He has that HUNT
in his blood.
He will chase a squirrel
right up a tree and stay
there wishing or is that praying
for it to
come down.
He is a squirrel at mom's
house that will mess with him
by jumping from one tree
to the other....about
five in total and
Dakota will follow him
below as he jumps.
Then the squirrel will
get on the tree on the other
side of the fence and
come down just far enough
to look Dakota in the eye
and run back up the
tree knowing that THE
KING can't get to him!
Then there are the moles and voles
that are in the yard...
Yep, he will dig for them.
Actually caught him one
once! I made him let it go.



Dakota you are going to have to learn
to run faster and
dig faster and harder!
Thanks for stopping in,


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