Collection of Tins

I have a few collections
but I did not mean
to start collecting just happened.
If I remember correctly it started with
the two Crayola tins on the end.
My mom bought crayons for my
son a couple of times. Then I think it
the red Toll House cookie one
there on the bottom.
From there it just grew.
Mom would pick up one here
and there at yard sales.
I have NO clue how it went from
there....but my neighbor knew I
loved feeding the birds so one year
for Christmas she gave me that antique
Christmas tin wth the the red lid and
it was full of bird seed.
OOPs....Looks like I left the pantry door open
and should have closed that before snapping
this pic.
Next on the tin list....
This rusted baby that belonged
to my great grandmother.
She kept her sewing thread in it.
And what was there when she past is
still there, inside.
Next another tin that belonged to
my great granny.
Tetley tea bags!
Oh my gosh...I have NO clue
where this one came from
or what was once in it but
I have had it since I was a teen
and most of all that time it held
red, orange, blue, black, brown, green
etc...seed beads!
I figure I should just continue to hold onto
it since I have had it all this time.....cause
I am way past being a teen!
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